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  • Boss Battle Mode
Complete the game after collecting every crystal to receive 100%, and you will unlock the boss battle mode.
  • Difficult shard
The shard in the world 3 beach course, the thrid shard is very hard to get.Get leaf and rock power and once you enter the cave-like place, break the wall and get the one up. Change to chipmunk rock animal and go near the wall and press a in a pattern. You should get that shard. | [Sent by Brandon]
  • Difficulty With Getting Shards?
Hello. Ian Murphy here. What? You say you have difficulty retrieving a shard? Don't worry. I will only give you one location, but it's rather important if you want to get ALL the Crystal Shards! On Pop Star, the third level holds a shard visible, but hard to get. It is in a dugeon under a green block. To retrieve it, use a double-cutter star (green). Be patient. I will soon find another difficult shard location! | [Sent by IanMurphy]
  • Difficulty With Getting Shards? 2
Like the first code I entered, I gave you info on a location of a difficult to retrieve shard. I shall do the same now. On Aqua Star, in the second level, there is a boss, who is simply a giant crab. After beating him, there is a Crystal Shard above his platform. How do you get it? You see, look at the wall below the crystal. What is its pattern? Red and brown checkerboard. That means you must combine elements Burn(red) and Stone(Brown) to become a volcano! So, shoot the wall while being a volcano and press B! Here is a list of the elements' colors:

Burn= Red
Stone= Brown
Ice= Blue
Needle= Orange
Bomb= Black
Spark= Yellow
Cutter= Green | [Sent by IanMurphy]
  • Elements
These are ALL the combinations Kirby can do:

Fire+fire= firebird
Fire+ice= melting ice
Fire+spark= head fire
Fire+cutter= flame sword
Fire+spike= fire bow
Fire+bomb= fireworks
Fire+rock= hot rock blast

Ice+ice= snowball roll
Ice+fire= melting ice
Ice+cutter= ice skates
Ice+spike= pointy ice tree
Ice+bomb= bomb snowman
Ice+rock= sliding ice rock

Spark+spark= giant electric
Spark+fire= head fire
Spark+ice= refridgerator
Spark+cutter= electric stick
Spark+spike= electric rod
Spark+bomb= light bulb
Spark+rock= electric controled rock

Cutter+cutter= giant boomerang
Cutter+fire= flame sword
Cutter+ice= ice skates
Cutter+spark= electric stick
Cutter+spike= giant pointy toothbrushes
Cutter+bomb= tiny throwing bombs
Cutter+rock= animal rock form

Spike+spike= pointy objects
Spike+fire= fire bow
Spike+ice= pointy ice tree
Spike+cutter= giant pointy toothbrushes
Spike+bomb= spike ball
Spike+rock= driller

Bomb+bomb= rocket launcher
Bomb+fire= fireworks
Bomb+ice= bomb snowman
Bomb+spark= lightbulb
Bomb+cutter= tiny throwing bombs
Bomb+rock= dynamite

Rock+rock= giant rock
Rock+fire= hot rock blast
Rock+ice= sliding ice rock
Rock+spark= electric controled rock
Rock+cutter= animal rock form
Rock+spike= driller
Rock+bomb= dynamite | [Sent by Carrot]
  • Final Final Boss
Yes, we know that earning 100% earns you boss battle mode, but there is a small detail. You must fight a major big bad guy before you can acces Boss battle Mode. He is on the secret level, Dark Star which you unlock by getting 100%.

Anyway, the guy does not have a name that i know, so i call him Final Final Boss. To defeat Final Final Boss, ripple the fairy comes and gives you a sweet gun made out of the crystal shards.The only strategy is this one. Tab b button constantly.

Final Final Boss will counter your shots until he fires his attack. Shoot him while he shoots at you and he will bleed a little around his eye. After a few times that his eye bleeds, he rolls over and exposes his Halo. You must shoot that halo. Shoot it until it turns colors and gets smaller and dissapears.

Final Final Boss will then kneel over and produce a Cactus-like tail thingy. Shoot the tail, and it will flash and Final Final Boss will be damaged.

Note that his tail is the only way to hurt him, the rest is just to stun him properly. Keep up the tail a lot, and he will eventually die, and you will be rewarded with the Perfect Ending Cinema Scene. | [Sent by kokiriboy66]
  • Inhaling Bombs
I suppose you have run into one of those annoying bomb guys, correct? Well, play fire with fire! Inhale (hold B) a bomb (DON'T PRESS DOWN ON THE CONTROL PAD!) then press B to launch it back at the pestery wee-beasties ! | [Sent by IanMurphy]
  • Movie viewer mode
Complete the game after collecting every crystal to receive 100%, and you will unlock the movie viewer mode.
Re: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  • Single and Combo Attacks
In the game, there are many different "enemy abilities"
Here are a few POWERFUL attacks Kirby is capable of doing:

Stone+Bomb= Dynamite Bomb
(Be extremely careful with this attack, when ever it blows up, hold Down on the control pad for cover!)

Ice+Spark = Refridgerator
(Not only does this attack destroy enemies, it can help revive you!Press B- wait till three meals come out... then press B again quickly and grab the grub!

This one I'm sure you'll find helpful
Burn+Bomb= Fireworks (For best effect, run while pressing B repeatedly.) | [Sent by Ian]
  • Sound Test
Complete the game one time to unlock the sound test option.
  • Useless Enemies
We all know there are seemingly useless enemies which have no power Kirby can copy. But, there are ways these enemies are useful. For one, do you often see those idiots who are small and pink with wings? Inhale one (DO NOT press down), and press R,L, or any of the C buttons. You will begin to fly!(Only for a while.) Then there's those orange umbrella creatures. Repeat the process, and jump from a cliff. You will slowly float down! | [Sent by IanMurphy]
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