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Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu


Hudson Group - Hudson Soft(r)

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu(tm)

Operation manual


Game story

Jackie Chan and his twin sister, Josephine, were two of China's best kung fu
fighters. Trained together from birth, they were a formidable team. All was
fine, until their Master's arch enemy, the Sorcerer returned from behind the
Great Wall to seize power and rule China. The Sorcerer put a spell on
Josephine and made her disappear, believing that neither twin would be strong
enough to defeat him without the other.

Along the way, the Sorcerer sends his henchmen to try to destroy Jackie.
Watching over the young Kung Fu master, his master guides and instructs him
through the action-packed ordeal.

Jackie must now rescue his sister and save China by defeating the Sorcerer and
the evil monsters created by the Sorcerer's magic.


How to use the controller

A button: Jump
B button: Punch and kick/Special attack mode

Left/Right: Movement control
Up: Press to activate special attack
Down: Crouching position

Start: Start or continue game


Status window

You will find a status window at the bottom of your screen as shown below.

- Lifemeter - 6 points max
- Number of special attacks remaining
- Psycho waves
- Bonus jades collected


Items and attack modes

Item frog
- Kick or punch this frog and it will give you one of the following:

Energy bowl
- Eat it and you'll gain 2 life points

Tornado attack
- Number of uses - 7 times
- Attacks the enemies while spinning in mid-air.
- Press "DOWN" to stop and land where you desire.

Bonus bell
- This is your chance to earn points to refill your life points, psycho waves,
and gain continues.

Psycho wave
- Status window indicates number of uses remaining.

Bonus jade
- Will appear after defeating an enemy.
- Collect 30 to fill up your life points and psycho waves.

180 degree spin kick
- Number of uses - 9 times.
- Attacks the enemy you are facing.

360 degress spin kick
- Number of uses - 7 times.
- Attacks the enemy as you spin around and kick.

Sky attack
- Number of uses - 7 times.
- Attacks the enemy as you kick upwards.
- Effective against enemies in mid-air or ones that charge at you while


Characters of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu(tm)

Jackie Chan
The Master

Mad Martial
Nyudo Monster
Combat Spider
Shaolin Giant



Once you start the game you are able to continue automatically.

Secret Code:
Press - UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, B, A

Then press B on the other controller.
You now have 99 continues.

Note: At the end of each special stage, the points you earned will
automatically go toward your life points, psycho waves, or extra continues.
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