Item Combination: "Re-Engineering Table"

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Darth Dorky

Issue: It seems there's a lack of higher tier items for jewelry and thermal gear.

Solution: Re-engineering table. Recycling the ideology behind the "Pal Condenser", this table would allow you to combine items for a higher tier item. When future content is released, this could also be continued on to promote end-game progression with recipes that build upon one another. Ex: (Combining legendary pieces for even better legendary [or "Ancient" {Cyan}] pieces).

Execution recipe ideas/examples:

* Combine 4-8x Rare (Blue) Jewelry of the same type for Epic (Purple) Jewelry (+25-50% stats over Rare). Combine 8-16x Epic (Purple) Jewelry for Legendary (Yellow) Jewelry. (+25-50% stats over Epic)

* Combine 2-4x Rare (Blue) Thermal Undershirt + 2-4x Rare (Blue) Heat Resistant Undershirt for Epic (Purple) "Versatile Mesh-Lined Undershirt" +2 resistance to both heat and cold.

* Combine 4-8x Versatile Mesh-Lined Undershirts for Versatile Mesh-Lined Undershirt +1 (+3 resistance to both heat and cold)

P.S. If duplicate posts appeared for this, my apologies. The "edit" function of this forum actually deletes threads rather than updating them, so here I am posting for the 3rd time lol.
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