PSO Online/Offline progress etc (Item discussion too!)

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Hey guys, So I'm back online and its working perfectly, I've added Kireek and Mazonemayu but if any of you want to add me on the Sylverant server go ahead, my guild card is in my Sig.

Couple of things I wanted to just share with you all, a friend of mine who also used to be big into DC/PSO online has, after hearing it from me, purchased a BBA and will be back online pretty soon so there's another member right there! I'm currently trying to persuade him to join DCT as well so bear with me lol

I also just finished PSO v2 on normal and will begin working through Hard very soon... can't wait for the sudden leap in exp!! so next time I play I will be able to get into hard games with you all as I am now level 23!

Regarding Items I found my first Special Weapon with this new character Offiline yesterday, got the AGITO from a Dark Belra on Ruin 1, so hopefully this is a good sign that I will start to get some nice item drops. I am 100% legit and will only trade legit items but I am open to trading if anyone needs anything, if I can assist I'm more than happy to.

I've also downloaded ALL the side quests on the server and I started trying to do the central dome fireswirl mission and to my horror the Hilde Bears at the end are ABSOLUTELY impervious to damage at my current level. I thought all the DL quests difficulties scaled to match the level you chose to play them in? Is that not the case? do I have to be a ridiculously high level before I can even consider attempting to beat them again? Anyone who's played this one I'd be grateful for any helpful advice.

Feel free to discuss items you've found here as I'm very interested to hear what special weapons people and classes who play legit can find online AND offline... My ultimate goal is to one day find the Soul Banish again, I am pretty sure I found that while online within someone elses game, my section id is Purplenum so I don't think I can find it offline. Anyway discuss away!!!

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