Has anyone come across a Factory Sealed Bleemcast Game?

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I recently picked up a bundle of all the Bleemcast games from the internet and when they arrived, one looks to be factory sealed, though it was not mentioned in the original post- and these days, faking a seal isn't too hard. Has anyone ever come across a factory sealed Bleemcast games / did they ever get shipped out by Bleem in factory sealing?

Photos really don't show much, but the seal is very tight with what looks like a V fold, and a pull strip down the bottom which is literally an 'I' that only covers the side, if that makes sense. I'm not one to keep "games" sealed, but I'd rather a sealed collector to own this and buy a used copy, since my only intentions are to open it up anyway- but I don't want to send a re-sealed game to a poor unknowing soul.
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