Has anyone here tried Bitcoin gaming or betting?

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I got into a heated argument with my best friend yesterday about getting our hands on the latest games in 2022. We’re streamers so playing the latest games before they come out is crucial for getting views and new followers. Since we’ve done well off because of the COVID19 pandemic, we converted some of our earnings into Bitcoin. However, I had the idea to use some BTC to either buy games before their official release (I know a “guy”) or get them on Steam. My friend disliked the idea and an argument broke out.

I’ve been into video games my whole life but I’ve never been good with money, so I’m glad my friend is the wiser one when it comes to finances. However, he’s not that much into video games as much as he is great with numbers (he’s the numbers guy). We met in college and he was already doing well for himself by using math to predict the outcomes of gambling games online (he usually plays at). He suggested a partnership because he wasn’t very good with people, I accepted and the rest is history.

Honestly, this is the first fight we’ve had in 2 years, and I’m worried he might be getting ahead of himself. He objected to owning BTC in the first place, which proved to be a great decision. So, how can I prove to him that he’s wrong about using Bitcoin for gaming???

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