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    Want to see a box of sealed Dreamcast games 15 years later?

    Just cracked this bad boy open. The waft of air from the year 2000. 40 sealed copies of MSR to be exact ;)
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    Just bought a Sealed PAL Shenmue online, got a few questions

    Hey, I'm new to this forum. Please take it easy. I bought a sealed Shenmue PAL off ebay for £58 buy it now. It arrived this morning. I just wanted to see if any of you guys could tell me if its a legit seal and not a reseal? It can be hard to tell with Shenmue as there's no seal strip like other...
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    Has anyone come across a Factory Sealed Bleemcast Game?

    I recently picked up a bundle of all the Bleemcast games from the internet and when they arrived, one looks to be factory sealed, though it was not mentioned in the original post- and these days, faking a seal isn't too hard. Has anyone ever come across a factory sealed Bleemcast games / did...
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    Is This a Proper Price for Sealed King of Fighters?

    Hi. Not sure if this King of Fighers is a flop but it's USD$ 125 (it's sealed though). Is that a fair price for sealed? If not what's a good price for a sealed one like that? I can't find a sealed one like that that has sold or auctioned successfully (clicking the sold listing button) King of...
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    [ When to VGA Seal a Sealed New Game or Item?]

    Hi. Is it advisable to have VGA seal (not totally sealed it has slit to breath- not sure about that. sometimes ants that plastic seal on disk sometimes and no protection from water (like Evan Austin's collection on youtube, God forbids). Maybe they should vacuum their acrylic casing and custom...
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    Sealed Dreamcast Games on eBay

    Hello Dreamcast-Talk community, I am new to forum and the Dreamcast so I hope to have a lot of fun here and collecting for the console! Sorry if this is in the wrong section, as I didn't think it was really technical support. Typing of the Dead Sega Dreamcast 2001 Brand New Factory Sealed UPC...
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