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Well, as I shop for a new TV, I thought this would be a good idea. I've seen it elsewhere but the attempts generally get cluttered up with chat and speculation.

Let's start a list of models KNOWN to work effortlessly with Dreamcast VGA input. New or old, doesn't matter. Almost anything of any age can be located and purchased. Any contribution should be models without a doubt, ones you have actually, physically tried yourself, or actually own.

Please, no speculation. No, "I heard this one was good." No questions, inquiries, "do you think this one would work," chat, etc etc. If you have a model to add of which you are absolutely certain, that's all this thread needs. However, personal opinions on a model known to work would be nice.

This could be a great resource for alot of people, so please don't stray!

Especially nice, would be info on 120/240Hz models that work fine in 60Hz mode.

I'll be adding several because I've been bringing my Dreamcast WITH me to shop, lol. The first two I've found are:

Samsung LN46D550K1
60Hz LCD
It's been mentioned before and it's true, Samsung is probably the best choice for DC. This one looks quite nice in action.

Dynex 46L150
60Hz LCD
Good for a budget, but of dubious clarity.
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