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    Flatscreen database -- plug and play DC VGA models

    Well, as I shop for a new TV, I thought this would be a good idea. I've seen it elsewhere but the attempts generally get cluttered up with chat and speculation. Let's start a list of models KNOWN to work effortlessly with Dreamcast VGA input. New or old, doesn't matter. Almost anything of...
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    Spidereon's Best PSP Database of Cheats & Hints!!

    Here Are Most Of The Cheats Of All I Could Get IF you need more just ask ENJOY!! 2006 FIFA World Cup Cheat mode At the main menu, hold L + R and press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Circle(2), X(2), Triangle, X(3). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of someone...
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    Where can I find the latest cheat database?

    I am using FreeCheat and I need the cheat database. I was using CWcheat before but I deleted it. I need the database but I can't find it. The website of the cheat.db is broken, can't connect to the servers. Is there any other alternative way of getting the database?
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    cwcheat updated database

    There use to be a place on here that you could download updated cheats for cwcheat. I had it saved as a favorite but today when I clicked on it, it was gone does it still exist and if so can I be linked to it thanks.
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