Fire Pro Wrestling D English Translation Update

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That's right, finally ironed out the last few kinks today.

We're not quite at release 150, though. This is also fine because I'm not sure if irvgotti452 has finished the artwork yet. We can excuse him for that though, because the man works some hellish hours and put a whole lot of time into translating the game in the first place.

He's not the only one to thank though, as we had to call in the heavy artillery to get the game's audio working. Thanks on that one go to YZB. YZB isn't terribly well known among English-speaking Dreamcast fans, but the man is a certifiable beast when it comes to Dreamcast hacking.

I did a little work myself of course, cutting the game's CDDA so it would fit onto an 80 minute disc, troubleshooting some web browser issues, and building the final image. We used a GDI of course, so there won't be any unpack/inject of MP3s, just nice pure CDDA (and a few more minutes of music than Echelon had).

There'll be more details on the process in the NFO when the game is released. In the meantime, leading up to 150, you can look forward to Quake III Arena and Vigilante 8 2nd Offense. Depending on how things go, I'd say that you'll likely see the game released in about 3 weeks.
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