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    Persona 3 Reload - English Gameplay Reveal | Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC

    Persona 3 Reload - English Gameplay Reveal | Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC
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    DC Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 English Translation

    Well, yesterday it looks like our friend Nebelwurfer has translated roughly 70% of the game, and the main campaign is now fully translated! I think I will download the game now and run the patcher. I also heard that only the Hooligan release will work with his patch. Link at bottom...
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    Is there an English dating sim? for DC

    I do not speak the Japanese !!! :o
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    Rent a Hero No. 1, English translation?

    I'm unfamiliar with the file structure and how the text/voices are stored (I'm also unfamiliar with the game and the gameplay having only ever seen screenshots of it) Anyone have any idea if someone could combine the leaked English language xbox translation data with the dreamcast version a la...
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    D2 NTSC-J - Are English subtitles available to set in-game?

    Hi all. I'm thinking of getting D2. I have a boot disc so region protection isn't an issue but the one thing I would like to know is the language. I know the voices are Japanese (which I prefer) but what I was wondering, are English subtitles available in the Japanese version? The US version is...
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    Is there a video tutorial on sd card and games in English ?

    DC SD Card Reader and DS4 Explaining how to put the 10-12 retail games that have said to work with sd card reader on, by changing and how to exactly, altering readme files, ip bins, etc? How to get the dciso emu like SegaGen emu to actually run on it ? How to get beats of rage homebrews to...
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    Shenmue 2 English version

    Hi all i have searched around including here for the english 80 min version of shenmue and found the one on shenmuedojo but the file seems unavailable so just wondering if anyone could direct me to direct links or torrents for this version thanks in advance
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    Fire Pro Wrestling D English Translation Update

    That's right, finally ironed out the last few kinks today. We're not quite at release 150, though. This is also fine because I'm not sure if irvgotti452 has finished the artwork yet. We can excuse him for that though, because the man works some hellish hours and put a whole lot of time into...
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    Dreamstud!o english translation project this will be on hold

    This is almost done here is the download so you can see this is all real here is the video enjoy subscribe my channel for more videos BOTH PART 1 AND 2 ARE NOT SEGA DREAMCAST!THE VIDEO UNDER THESE WILL WORK ON SEGA DREAMCAST(note i have tested the .pvl it won't work) PART 1 OF TRANSLATION VIDEO...
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    What's Shenmue English Translation Download?

    So the isozone's download link for the English Translation of What's Shenmue won't download for me, is there a mirror for it?
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    Happy bday, Dreamcast! Get Fire Pro Wresting English Now!

    14 years ago, the console came out that ignited a fandom in all of us that still burns today. In the interest of keeping that love alive, ReviveDC Project has been working to bring you some of the highest quality rips available. If you've followed us, you know that we marked our 50th and 100th...
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    Shenmue 2 English

    So we all know by now that a version of shen 2 for the dc in English has been released for years. but outside of disk 4, all the voices sound terrible and while the 90 min cdr version sounds good, its next to impossible to find 99 min cdrs that don't cost a fortune. so i was wondering, is it...
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    Seven Mansion is getting an English translation!

    The game Seven Mansion released for Dreamcast only in Japan, is getting an English translation by Mr.Nobody. According to Mr.Nobody the game is already 40% translated and will be ready later this year. For more information follow his channel! https://youtu.be/vZvKkIAexJg
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    project zetsubou workin an awesome english dubing too:) dangan ronpa1st & 2nd cool!dood

    heres small updated but really ROCKIN dood! example snap source http://danganronpa.wordpress.com i hope this will done soon! this creator are rock! :)dood
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    Monster Hunter portable 3 english patch

    hi guys, does anyone knows any latest english patch for monters hunter portable 3???
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    Trying to make english patch for Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo

    So for the past 5 hours I've pretty much been going in circles trying to decrypt the VC3 demo ISO along with trying to figure out how to change lines of code so I can hopefully get an english patch working since it doesn't look like VC3 for the US is coming out anytime soon. I'm freaking beat...
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    Trying to make english patches for Grand Knights History and VC3 and need help!

    I know some japanese so that isn't the big issue. What I don't understand is how you go about the business of changing the text from japanese to english for the patch. I've tried messing around with UMDGEN and like hex editor and some other stuff but I really need some instructions. If people...
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    Is there a universal patch or CFW that allows you to translate Jap text to English?

    I know they have english patches for some japanese PSP games or ISOs. What I don't understand is that nobody has done that for Valkyria Chronicles 3 because we don't even know if/when they're gunna release it in the US. Now even though I took Japanese in highschool I hardly remember anything...
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