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    DC Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 English Translation

    Well, yesterday it looks like our friend Nebelwurfer has translated roughly 70% of the game, and the main campaign is now fully translated! I think I will download the game now and run the patcher. I also heard that only the Hooligan release will work with his patch. Link at bottom...
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    Dreamcast AD 2001 Translation

    Knology, Inc - Webspace Migration Great ! :)
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    Rent a Hero No. 1, English translation?

    I'm unfamiliar with the file structure and how the text/voices are stored (I'm also unfamiliar with the game and the gameplay having only ever seen screenshots of it) Anyone have any idea if someone could combine the leaked English language xbox translation data with the dreamcast version a la...
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    Rent-A-Hero #1 Translation?

    Is anyone working on a translation for Rent-A-Hero #1? It looks like an awesome game and I'd swipe up a copy pretty quick if not for the language barrier. I know there's an english Xbox version that was leaked but I'd prefer to play it on the Dreamcast.
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    Fire Pro Wrestling D English Translation Update

    That's right, finally ironed out the last few kinks today. We're not quite at release 150, though. This is also fine because I'm not sure if irvgotti452 has finished the artwork yet. We can excuse him for that though, because the man works some hellish hours and put a whole lot of time into...
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    Lost in translation? Jap DreamPreview Vol. 4 - what's on it?

    Hey guys, i'm new to the site but a long time frothing at the mouth dreamcast fanatic. i've been dumping good money into getting a real collection going (i was ONE day short of getting a full dreamcast kiosk. the butt holes sold it. i told them i was coming back for it next day. f***ers.)...
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    Dreamstud!o english translation project this will be on hold

    This is almost done here is the download so you can see this is all real here is the video enjoy subscribe my channel for more videos BOTH PART 1 AND 2 ARE NOT SEGA DREAMCAST!THE VIDEO UNDER THESE WILL WORK ON SEGA DREAMCAST(note i have tested the .pvl it won't work) PART 1 OF TRANSLATION VIDEO...
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    :::Neon Genesis Evangelion Translation Project::

    :::Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (Dreamcast)::: Please support this Dreamcast translation project! Pearse Hillock is the man behind Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation. He can do it for the Dreamcast if you guys show interest! Please...
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    What's Shenmue English Translation Download?

    So the isozone's download link for the English Translation of What's Shenmue won't download for me, is there a mirror for it?
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    Seven Mansion is getting an English translation!

    The game Seven Mansion released for Dreamcast only in Japan, is getting an English translation by Mr.Nobody. According to Mr.Nobody the game is already 40% translated and will be ready later this year. For more information follow his channel!
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    Seven Mansion (Dreamcast JP-EN Translation )

    Mr.Nobody translate game Seven Mansion. :) Link to tranlator Blog: Mr.Nobody
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