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E.V.O. - Search for Eden

Game Title: E.V.O. Search for Eden
Manufacturer: Enix America Corporation
Game System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Type: Adventure
Recommended Ages: 6+
# of Players: 1
Password Function: No
Save Feature: Yes

Description of Game:
You must survive the trails and enemies from each of the five different
ages. Defeat various creatures to evolve. It is you who decides how
your creature evolves and whether you will make it to Eden and win
the game.

Control Pad Button Functions:
START: Start or Pause the game
SELECT: Displays the Command Window
A: Bodily Attack, Hind-Leg Attack
B: Used to Jump or Fly
X: Eat Items or Food
Y: Attack, Eat Items or Food
L: Not used during game
R: Emergency Escape: Return to the Main Map during battle
DIRECTIONAL: Used to move the character and select commands

Beginning the Game:
At the title screen choose the New Game option and press the START
button. After a brief introduction of the game, you will see your
character on the map screen. Move your character to one of the small
red dots on the map and press the B button.

Description of Game Play:
You must defeat as many enemies as possible while travelling through
each age. Once you have defeated an enemy you will obtain E.V.O.
points. Use these points to evolve certain parts of your character
(Jaws, Horns, Body, Tail, etc.) so that you will survive the battles
with stronger enemies. To take a look at the menu which contains each
of the changes available to you and its cost in E.V.O. points, simply
press the SELECT button while in a battle area. If you wish to make
a desired selection and press the B button. You will see the change
occur instantly. Try to survive each age you enter. To do this you
must defeat many larger boss characters. Once you have defeated a boss
character, you may either enter another section of the age you are
presently in or enter a new age. Your goal is to reach the fabled land
of Eden.

Listen carefully to the advice you receive from Gaia and other
creatures in the game. They will assist you in your adventure.
Remember to save your game often. Look for many hidden areas in the
game. If you can find these hidden areas, you can often find bonus
E.V.O. points.

(c) Enix Corporation
U.S.A. release: Enix America Corporation
2679 151st Place N.E.
Redmond, WA 98052-5522
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