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Bird's Cage

To Finn angle your way through the maze of teleporters in the Bird Castle, follow these simple steps:

-From the entrance to the inside of the Castle, follow the hallway until you come to a pit. Fly across (being in bird form helps), and into the teleporter.
-Go right, take the first down, then left to another teleporter
-Now, and here's the trick, reenter the teleporter you just came out of.
-Go directly left to another teleporter.
-Go left and you should see a green Crystal if you're on the right track. Chomp it and continue left to the teleporter.
-Finally, again reenter your teleporter and you're there.

To beat the Bird Boss, just bite, bite, bite, bite. If he moves away, you've stopped biting for too long. Avoid the crystal balls he tosses if he does get away, and keep biting. No sweat. (P.S.: If you answer Yes to the Bird Boss' question, you get an alternate ending! But is it really worth going through the maze again?)
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Evolve tip

At anytime, you can evolve a body part and heal damage. This is useful when fighting bosses. If you can beat a boss without healing yourself you have been trying long enough to get really good. I prefer to "cheat" by evolving features that don't cost many Evolution points.

A good example is body size. Body size doesn't cost many points and you can use it repeatedly. When you are about to die, shrink yourself. Then make yourself bigger when you are almost to die again. Repeat...
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Beating the Giant Eel

To beat the Giant Eel in the Final Battle is simple. When you're in the Ice Age, beat the Bird King as a flying dinosaur, then change into a mammal. After you build up EVO points, buy the Horse Head, Horse Body, and Enlarge Body. Now, your Kick power is really high. Go out into the World Map. Press Select and go to Save Evolution Record. Save the horse under a name, like Horse or something. Now, beat the Yetis as a Horse. Stand still and kick them as soon as they jump on you. Now, make sure you have a Green Crystal at Bolbox. When the Eel comes up, use the Green Crystal to become the Horse. Now, just stand all the way to the left, and when it charges, kick it. It'll be dead in 6-7 kicks, and you'll be unscathed.
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Become a bird in the Reptile Era

You can become a bird in the Reptile Era (the one with all of the dinosaurs). First go to Mt. Brave, and climb up to the top (watch out for the enemies, which will through you all the way back down). You'll hear a voice at the top telling you to jump, so jump off the left side, and you will evolve into a bird. Right now, the bird is VERY weak, but you can upgrade him all the way pretty fast. You see the cloud floating around in the overworld? Wait until it stops at a level, and go to that level and try to enter it (while the cloud's above it). The bird will fly up to the cloud. The cloud is kind of like a maze, but not to hard to navigate. Be sure to get the red crystal which will change you into a dragon for a short time. It's easier to fly around this way because you are faster. I also suggest saving this form, for later use. Anyway, the exit you are looking for is somewhere at the top. When you find it, you will be up in space. Fly all of the way to the left (this takes a little while, but that's ok). When you get all the way to the left, go all of the way up and there should be an entrance in a large asteroid or something at the top of the screen. Enter it, and an alien will be doing something to a perydactle. He'll tell you he's too busy now, and leaves. He drops something which will give you +9999 E.V.O. points! This is where you do all of your upgrading. Upgrade your teeth all the way, and then you body. Use the rest for what ever you want. Proceed to the right, and there should be more openings like this. They mostly just tell you stuff, but one has a red orb in it, and you can also kill the perydactles for +100 E.V.O. points each so you can upgrade whatever you may not have upgraded before. The rest of this world should be easy now, since you have everything upgraded.
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Beating Bolbox

Note, I used the human form to beat him, so some of these strategies may not apply if you are in another form. The basic ones should though, so it's still worth reading.

First of all, I'll mention that the first time you get to Bolbox, don't waste using anything on him (Green orbs, etc.). You can fight him of course, but don't morph into any special forms. This is the reason... If you loose (and you probably will without using a green orb), then you will go back to the main map, and there is a dot so you can get back to him directly instead of having to go through that cave level again. Save on the map before returning to fight him.

Now, I go into some strategies. First, Bolbox has a basic attack that he uses against you. It's an arm that extends to hit you. It's usually pretty easy to avoid, but the problem with it comes when you are fighting the forms of the 8 balls spinning around inside him. After you hit his hand 4 times (I've estimated roughly 80 hit points), he will flash, and one of the balls inside of him will come out and turn into a creature you have to fight. Back to the arm. While you're fighting this creature, he throws cheat shots at you which can be REALLY hard to avoid, and take off quite a few hit points. If you can strike the arm just before it hits you, it will stop and retract. Also, a good idea is to hit his hand periodically during the fight. He only uses it after a certain amount of time that it's not hit, so if you hit it periodically, he won't use it (the problem is, the other guy your fighting may not give you a chance to). Now, on to the orbs inside him....

Blue and White stripped - This ball creates one of those small octopus guys from the first level of the game (when you were a fish). This guy's really easy, but when you kill it, he grows real big. Don't let this fool you, he's still easy. Just watch out for his stinger, and you can defeat him in no time.

Transparent Blue - Food. Good if you need it, but usually the bosses give you enough when you beat them that it refills all your life. At least this isn't an enemy though!

Yellow with craters - That giant lizard guy from the Amphibian Era (the one that looks like your original form as an Amphibian). This guy can be hard, but not if you know how to beat him. I found a good way to kill him without taking too many hits (as a human). First, jump on his head. He gets really mad and jumps really high at you. Now, you can hit him with you axe continuously. Hit him once in mid-jump, and he'll fall. Then, he jumps again at the same height, and you can hit him again. Repeat this, until he's dead or you get cornered in the left side of the screen. If this happens, try to dodge him and get to his right, then when he's over right more, jump on his head again to the left and repeat the process.

Yellow with Spikes - A dinosaur comes out. This guy's simple. In human form, get in close, and just keep hitting the attack button. He won't get away, and he won't attack (as long as you don't stop). He'll be dead in no time.

White - A small reptile. Don't attack him. He just runs off the left side of the screen. If you do attack him, he dies in one hit, and give you food that takes AWAY from you health. Don't eat it if you accidentally attack him.

Purple with craters - A hawk guy with a sword from that bird palace. This guy's easy too. Jump up and hit him. He'll fall, and then just do the same that you did with the dinosaur, keep pressing the attack button. Not even hard.

Red with horizontal and vertical stripes - This guy's a little (or a lot, depending on how you look at it) harder. It's a giant cockroach. The problem is, when you attack him, he flies around in a big circle which usually hits you (sometimes more than once). Here's how to beat him. The trick is to attack his back. If you attack him in the front, the circle is positioned in a way that will hit you, but in the back, you can get away before it does. Just be careful, and you'll be fine.

Green with bumps - The hardest guy. It's a giant eel, with a similar attack to the Queen bee, where it will charge and bite you (takes off a LOT of health). Here's where I used my green orb (the one that lets you change into a form from earlier in the game). The form that I found works best is that Green dragon. Since you probably don't know what I mean, it's from the Reptile Era, after you change into a bird, when you fly up into that cloud, and eat the red orb, you get changed into this. I hope you saved this form :) One helpful thing is it has 150 hit points, so it's strong, and it takes off more than the human. First, you should try to fight the eel as a human. Take off as much hit points as you can, and just before he kills you, morph into this dragon. I don't have a specific strategy for beating him, but when you attack him, try to run away really fast, and you might be able to avoid his bite attack. One other thing I'll mention here, is a way to get your hit points back quickly. This might help you against the eel. It also works for any form you're in (other than a form from the green orb). Make sure you have a bunch of EVO points (for humans, 2000 at least). I'll use human form as an example. Just before you are about to die, use your EVO points to change a part of your body. This may mean increasing or decreasing something. For humans, the only thing you can change is you biddy size. You will have to make it smaller, turning you into a child (this uses 1000 EVO points, BTW). Attack the eel a few times until the child is almost dead, and then upgrade your body back to normal size (also 1000 points). Now, you have all of your hit points back. You'll want to make sure you have enough points to change back though.

After you beat all of these enemies, you have beaten Bolbox. Now, just sit back and watch the ending.
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Be a human

As a mammal, evolve to Cat Jaws and Rabbit Body. Select a Ramothecus Body: evolve it twice and you'll be a human.
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Become a mermaid

To become a mermaid, you must have 10,000 points when you reach the final Ocean Stage of Chapter 5. Choose Hand and Feet when you evolve, and select Try to Evolve. If you do this three more times, you'll become a mermaid. However, you will turn back after you beat King Rogon.
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