Dreamcast titles released with a budget friendly price tag.

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During those Dreamcast days, a typical price on the average videogame was between the $40 or $50 range for the most part. Only a handful of games had the honor of being re-released with a lower pricetag and a Sega All Star makeover to boot, but that was much after a games initial release so these aren't extactly what I'm referring to.
But what I'm really getting at is... what Dreamcast titles here in the US were released with a low MSRP from the get go. For example, I seem to recall Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves debuting with a retail price of only $30. Another example was Project Justice. I remember it was released with a pricetag of only $20 or $30. Sega Smashpack for $20 and so on.
An anyone here remember other dreamcast games that were released under a budget friendlylow price of $20 to $30?
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