NG Dev Team restocks Dreamcast titles

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Just received a newsletter from NG Dev Team and they are restocking some games including Dreamcast titles.

Dreamcast (used):

We found a couple of boxes of the NEO XYX Dreamcast LE from 2013/2014.
Those were cast out back then due to flaws in the dvd box foil.
DVD case foil is warped/wavy. Sometimes the insert too.
The disc and booklet are factory new. Most units are factory sealed too.

We also made the remaining stock of the Dreamcast jewel case reprint available. Those are sold as used too.

Sold as used. Units are factory new and sealed but have small imperfections:
Can have slight bruises/dust and rubber smudges from the packaging machine on the jewel case and sometimes on the inlay.

All parts are new and not preowned.

Get it here NG:DEV.DIRECT
Full newsletter should be in your inbox. :)
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