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Adept Tournament
Successfully complete the Novice World Tournament to unlock the Adept Tournament.

Advanced Tournament
Successfully complete the Adept Tournament to unlock the Advanced Tournament.

Android 16
Defeat Android 16 with Cell to unlock him.

Android 17
Defeat Android 17 with Piccolo to unlock him.

Android 18
Defeat Android 18 with SSJ Vegeta to unlock him.

Android 19
Defeat Android 19 with SSJ Vegeta to unlock him.

Android 20
Defeat Android 20 with Piccolo to unlock him.

Baby Vegeta
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Tuffles and Artificial Bruits Waves) to unlock Baby Vegeta.

Fuse two Purple Potaras (Kakarot and Hatred of Saiyans) to unlock Bardock.

Base Gotenks
Defeat Super Buu with SSJ Gotenks to unlock Base Gotenks.

Base Long Haired Future Trunks
Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate to unlock Base Long Haired Future Trunks.

Base Vegito
Fight Majin Buu vs. Kid Buu and let the timer expire to unlock Base Vegito.

Fuse two Purple Potaras (Galactic Warriors and Seal Release) to unlock Bojack.

Fuse two Purple Potaras to unlock Broly.

Defeat Burter with Goku to unlock him.

Captain Ginyu
Defeat Captain Ginyu with Goku to unlock him.

Cell Games Tournament
Successfully complete the Advanced Tournament to unlock the Cell Games Tournament.

Fuse two Purple Potaras (Frieza's Older Brother and Super Transformation) to unlock Cooler.

Defeat Dabura with Gohan to unlock him.

Defeating the Oozaru
In the first Oozaru mission (Saiyan Saga), you are supposed to survive. However, if desired you can actually win. Rush toward it, then press Attack(3), X to stun it momentarily. Repeat this as needed. You will not only survive, but will defeat the Oozaru.

Defeat Dodoria with Vegeta to unlock him.

Easy Dragonballs
Fight in level in Z Battle Gate at Kami's Lookout. For example, play as Krillin vs. Yamcha. During the fight, go over to the main building and put it between you and the enemy. When you fire your finishing move, you will destroy the building. Go over and look at the rubble. There will be a column stump remaining in the middle, and a Dragonball on top of it. It does roll off -- if it is not on top, then it is somewhere on the ground. Quickly grab it and make sure you defeat your opponent, or you will have to get the Dragonball all over again. All seven Dragonballs will appear one at a time at this location randomly. Just fight in the level seven times to get a wish from Shenron. This is very useful, as every time you get a Dragonball and complete the level, you will also get another Z Item Fusion, which are valuable, and a random Z item. Do this as many times as desired.

In Story mode, select the Buu Saga and look for the level that takes place on top of Kami's lookout (SSJ3 Goten vs. Super Buu). During the fight, destroy the main building on top of Kami's tower. There will be a Dragonball in the rubble every time. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: You must successfully complete the challenge each time in order to receive the Dragonball at the end of the match (for example, finishing off Super Buu with the Volleyball attack).

Go to the fight with Chiaotzu vs. Guldo. Burst through the few islands in the stage and locate the Dragonball by using your radar. Then, defeat Guldo. He is not much of a challenge. Repeat this to get all the Dragonballs.

Go to the Saiyan Saga and get to the part were you must defeat Krillan with Yamcha or vice versa. Go to the building in the middle of the look out (the biggest one). Destroy it and get the Dragonball there. Defeat the enemy and you will get the Dragonball at the end. Do this seven times (always a different Dragonball) to get all of them.

Go to Sayain Saga and Krillin vs. Yamcha. Blow up the big building and get the Dragon Ball, then win. Repeat this a total of seven times.

When fighting Super Buu in Buu Saga with SSJ3 Gotenks, the Dragon Ball is inside of the lookout house. Get the Dragon Ball and defeat Buu with the super move. Repeat this until you have all seven Dragon Balls. Keep doing this and you will unlock everything that requires a wish to obtain.

Easy wins
To win easily, just press Square then X. You will punch, then deliver a heavy blow leaving your opponent defenseless for a short time. Note: Sometimes very good fighters, for example Android #15 or #12 in Ultimate Battle mode, will break this combo. If your character is fast enough (try increasing the speed stat on your character's Evolution Z to help) and your opponent is a big character that will not be affected by normal punches and kicks or normal Ki blasts, you can land up to one attack from your character's full combo ability (the maximum is about five), then press X. You can get 99 hits if you are skilled enough. It will not count any more after that, but the damage will still be rising.

Easy World Tournament win
Select a character with high speed dash or a move that works similar to it. At the start of a tournament fight, dash toward the opponent, attack a few times, and knock them back. When they are near the edge of the ring, do high speed dash. As soon as you finish the attack, hit them with Ki blasts. Their feet will instantly touch the ground allowing you to win easily. Additionally, play as Chiaotzu. Rush at your opponent, then do four regular attacks followed by four Ki attacks. If done fast enough, your opponent will just fall off the stage and you will not lose any health.

Evil Buu
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Majin Buu Good and Wicked Person's Bullet) to unlock Evil Buu.

Evil Vegeta
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Vegeta and Scouter) to unlock Evil Vegeta.

Finding Dragonballs
Dragonballs are found within mountains and islands during Battle Gate fights. You must destroy them by dashing through them or knocking your opponent through it. You must then descend to the ball and "walk" into it; you must also win the fight.

Frieza 100% final form
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Frieza Final Form and Super Transformation) to unlock Frieza 100% final form.

Frieza final form
Defeat Frieza final form with Goku to unlock him.

Frieza second form
Defeat Frieza with Kid Gohan to unlock Frieza second form.

Frieza third form
Defeat Frieza with Vegeta to unlock Frieza third form.

Get the dragonballs easy
in Z battle gate go to planet namek in the Frizasaga and Battle someone. While in battle destroy the islands in one of the islands a dragonball will appear,take the dragonball then defeat your opponant...go back to the same battle until you have collected all 7 dragonballs.

Glich in the game
BE ssj4 Goku and the com has to be ssj4 vegeta when you beat ssj4 vegeta ssj4 Goku will talk in a different voice.

Defeat Adult Gohan to unlock Goten.

Great Saiyaman
Fuse two Purple Potara (Gohan and Transforming Hero set) to unlock Great Saiyaman.

Defeat Guldo with Choutzu to unlock him.

Defeat Hercule with Perfect Cell to unlock him.

Fuse two Purple Potaras (Psyche Orge and Peoples Maliciousness) to unlock Janemba.

Defeat Jeice with Goku to unlock him.

Kid Buu
Defeat Kid Buu with Goku to unlock him.

Kid Goku
Collect seven Dragonballs in Z-Battle Gate to unlock Kid Goku.

Kid Trunks
Defeat Vegeta to unlock Kid Trunks.

Level up
Defeat Kid Buu in Story mode with Goku to get a level up.

Majin Buu
Defeat Super Buu Gohan with SSJ Vegito to unlock Majin Buu.

Majin Vegeta
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta and Babidi) to unlock Majin Vegeta.

Master Roshi
Collect seven Dragonballs in Z-Battle Gate to unlock Master Roshi.

Mecha Frieza
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Frieza Final Form Full Power and Reconstruction Surgery) to unlock Mecha Frieza.

If you win any round with Mecha Freiza in the Cell games, it will instead read "Mehca Freiza". Additionally, select Vegito in the World Tournament. After you win a fight, the announcer will say "and the victor Vegito", however in the subtitles "Vegito" is spelled "Veggeto".

Monster Zarbon
Defeat Monster Zarbon with Vegeta to unlock him.

Mystic Adult Gohan
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Elder Supreme Kai) to unlock Mystic Adult Gohan.

Defeat Nappa with Goku to unlock him.

Perfect Cell Perfect Form
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan Goku and Cell Perfect Form) to unlock Perfect Cell Perfect Form.

Defeat Radditz with Piccolo to unlock him.

Defeat Recoome with Goku to unlock him.

Successfully complete Radditz Saga 100% to unlock Saibamen.

Semi Perfect Cell
Defeat Semi Perfect Cell with SSJ2 Gohan to unlock him.

Special Japanese Line
Play as SS4 Goku and fight SS4 Vegeta. Win, and Goku will say a special line in Japanese.

SS2 Goku
Defeat Perfect Cell to unlock SS2 Goku.

SS4 Goku combo
While playing as Super Saiyan 4 Goku, instead of using just 10x Kamehameha use the following combo. Increase to maximum power and have three favorite technique bars full. When you are at maximum power, find a good time to attack your opponent (for example, when they run away to charge or when they are close to you). Use Instantaneous Transmission (L2 + Circle) to warp behind your opponent. As soon as you are behind your opponent, press L2 + Down + Circle to use 10x Kamehameha to hit your opponent from behind. This attack is not stronger than the regular 10x Kamehameha, but it is harder for your opponent to dodge.

SSJ Adult Gohan
Defeat Buu to unlock SSJ Adult Gohan.

SSJ Future Trunks
Defeat Cyber Frieza to unlock SSJ Future Trunks.

SSJ Goku
Defeat Frieza with SSJ Goku to unlock SSJ Goku.

SSJ Goten
Defeat Goten with Kid Trunks to unlock SSJ Goten.

SSJ Gotenks
Defeat Super Buu with SSJ3 Gotenks to unlock SSJ Gotenks.

SSJ Kid Trunks
Defeat Hercule to unlock SSJ Kid Trunks.

SSJ Long Haired Future Trunks
Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate to unlock SSJ Long Haired Future Trunks.

SSJ Teen Gohan
Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate to unlock SSJ Teen Gohan.

SSJ Vegeta
Defeat Android 18 to unlock SSJ Vegeta.

SSJ Vegito (Super Vegito)
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan and Vegito) to unlock SSJ Vegito (Super Vegito).

SSJ2 Adult Gohan
Defeat Buu to unlock SSJ2 Adult Gohan.

SSJ2 Gogeta
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Goku's Fusion and Vegeta's Fusion) to unlock SSJ2 Gogeta.

SSJ2 Teen Gohan
Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate to unlock SSJ2 Teen Gohan.

SSJ2 Vegeta
Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate to unlock SSJ2 Vegeta.

SSJ3 Goku
Defeat Majin Buu with SSJ3 Goku to unlock SSJ3 Goku.

SSJ3 Gotenks
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Gotenks) to unlock SSJ3 Gotenks.

SSJ4 Gogeta
Fuse two Purple Potaras (SS4 Goku's fusion and SS4 Goku's fusion) to unlock SSJ4 Gogeta.

SSJ4 Goku
Defeat Super Android 17 with SSJ4 Goku to unlock SSJ4 Goku.

SSJ4 Vegeta
Defeat Broly with USSJ Vegeta to unlock SSJ4 Vegeta.

Strong combo
This trick only works on weaker enemies. First do four normal attacks, then do a stun with dash and repeat. If done correctly, it can result in a 75 or greater combo.

Stronger Ultimate Gohan
Equip Ultimate Gohan with Speed +6 and Attack +6. If you are fighting a smaller character such as Krillan or Goten, a full 7-hit combo does about 3,600 damage. However if you are fighting someone very tough such as Bojack, Broly, or Cooler, the damage will reset because of the fact they are so tough. You will do about 2,600 damage. Also, if you press Square about four times, X, then Square a few more times, the attack damage will almost triple Gohan Ultimate's regular 7-hit combo damage. The regular finishing move does 15,500 damage and his ultimate attack does 245,000 damage.

Super Android 17
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Android 17 and Android 17) to unlock Super Android 17.

Super Buu
Defeat Super Buu in the fight absorbed Gohan to unlock him.

Super Buu Gotenks absorbed
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Absorption) to unlock Super Buu Gotenks absorbed.

Super Buu Ultimate Gohan absorbed
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Ultimate Gohan and Absorption) to unlock Super Buu Ultimate Gohan absorbed.

Survival battles
Use the following trick during a match that you must survive for the time given. Usually at the beginning of the match, dodge left or right to avoid their first attack, then immediately counter with a blast attack (large energy ball) which will knock them down. With good timing, you can continuously send blast after blast at them so that when they get up, they go back down. If you run low on energy, charge very briefly as the CPU tends to get up quickly.

Tao Pai Pan
Collect seven Dragonballs in Z-Battle Gate to unlock Tao Pai Pan.

USSJ Vegeta
Fight USSJ Vegeta vs. Kid Buu and allow the timer to expire to unlock USSJ Vegeta.

USSJ2 Long Haired Future Trunks
Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Trunks) to unlock USSJ2 Long Haired Future Trunks.

Fight Hercules vs. Kid Buu and allow the timer to expire to unlock Videl.

Warp 10x Kamehameha
If someone is using "High Speed Rush" on you, do the following. As SS4 Goku, charge up to MAX POWER!, use Instantareous Transmission, (L2 + O) Then L2 + Triangele + Down. (10x Kamehameha)

Get all seven Dragonballs in Battle Gate mode to make a wish. You will be able to wish for Password mode and Story "True World Tournament".

Wrong name
When you fight with Master Roshi in Tournament mode, the tournament announcer instead calls him "Contestant Turtle Hermit". Additionally, when fighting with Tien in any mode, use Ki Blast cannon. When you do so, instead of saying "Ki Blast Cannon!", Tien says "Tri-Beam!", which is his super finishing move's name.

Wrong subtitle
In Z Battle Gate, on the Super 17 gate when you defeat him, he says "I should have been able to absorb all that". However, the subtitle reads "I shouldn't have been able to absorb all that".

Fight Nappa with Chaoutzu and kill him without using Farewell Mr. Tien. Nappa will say "You almost gave me a scare", but the subtitles read " Kch...That was a lousy thing to do".

Wrong voices
When Goku SSJ4 and Vegeta SSJ4 fight, if Goku wins he speaks in Japanese instead of English at the end of the match.

When fighting Super Saiyan Trunks (with the tied back hair) and he executes a Finish Buster, he says it in Japanese, similar to Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22.

When using Long Haired Trunks, do his Burning Attack move. His voice will change to Japanese.

In COM vs. COM mode, if SSJ4 Goku fights and wins against SSJ4 Vegeta he will speak in Japanese after the battle, even if the Japanese voices are turned off.

Z item fusions
The following Z items can be created by fusing the indicated items:

Attack +6 = Attack +3 and Attack +3
Defense +6 = Defense +3 and Defense +3
Favorite Technique +6 = Favorite Technique +3 and Favorite Technique +3
Finishing move +6 = Finishing Move +3 and Finishing Move +3
Health +6 = Health +3 and Health +3
Ki +6 = Ki +3 and Ki +3
Speed +6 = Speed +3 and Speed +3
Super Finishing Move +6 = Super finishing move +3 and Super

Defeat Zarbon with Vegeta to unlock him.
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