Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

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Background Music​

EffectHow to unlock
I Give You A RomanticDragon History Cleared
Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Full)Dragon World Tour, Cell Game, Difficulty 2 Victory
Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Short)Dragon World Tour, World Tournament, Difficulty 2 Victory
Super Suvivor (Vocal, Full)Dragon World Tour, Otherworld Tournament, Difficulty 3 Victory
Super Suvivor (Vocal, Short)Dragon World Tour, Super World Tournament, Difficulty 3 Victory


UnlockableHow to Unlock
AkkumanDragon History IF saga "Unexpected Messiah" cleared
Android 08 (Hatchan in Japanese)Dragon History IF saga "Kindhearted Android" cleared
AraleDragon History IF saga "Dream Match" clear
BabidiDragon History Buu saga "Good bye Proud Warrior" cleared
Chi-ChiRed Shenron's Wish
Cyborg Tao-Pai-PaiOtherworld Tournament level 2 victory
Dr. WheeloDragon History Special Saga "Dr. Wheelo" cleared
Fasha (Seripa in Japanese)Yamcha Game level 3 victory
General BlueDragon History Dragonball saga "Searching in Penguin Village" cleared
Gohan (Future)Shenron's Wish
Goku(GT)Dragon History GT saga "Undead Monster!?" cleared
King ColdCell Game level 3 victory
King PiccoloDragon History Dragonball saga "Revenge of Goku" cleared
King VegetaDagon History IF saga "Galaxy Battle" cleared
NailDragon History Frieza saga "Super Saiyan!?" cleared
NamDragon History Dragonball saga "Dreadful Tenku Peke Ji Ken" cleared
Pilaf MachineSuper World Tournament level 2 victory
SpopovichWorld Tournament level 3 victory
TambourlineDragon History Dragonball saga "Revenge of Goku" cleared
Collect the seven Dragonballs from Dragon History gameplay by smashing breakable stuff. You can also collect them by winning tournaments.

Future Gohan
Collect the seven Dragonballs from Dragon History gameplay by smashing breakable stuff. You can also collect them by winning tournaments.

How to unlock data center fighters
Use some of the codes from the previous game (for EX:LEVEL 160 SS4 Goku unlocks Goku (GT))There are many different ones to choose from so print the list of the ones that you can find and see what you can get.

To get Pan go to dragon arena and fight until adult gohan interferes, win him and you will get Pan.

Potara Kabitoshin
First you need to unlock supreme kai in adult gohans DU. When doing Gohans DU for 3rd time and having already unlock supreme kai do not go to fight Dabura at the babidis spaceship, instead go north-east of the babidis spaceship to find a place called "mountains", Enter there and continue the DU as normal, then after beating majin vegeta go west to an island called
"Forest" if there do not says forest then beat broly and go there again, There should be Kabitoshin and he will give you the potara Kabitoshin capsule.

Sai Girl
Die twice with King Vegeta, then shoot five kai blasts and exit the battle to unlock Sai Girl.

Secret Stage
Have DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 or 1, go to the data center in Tenkaichi 3 and go to discs fusion. Take out the game and put Tenkaichi 2 or 1 in, then Android 19 will say wait. After that, put Tenkaichi 3 back in.


EffectHow to Unlock
Capital CityRed Shenron's Wish
Desert (Day)Shenron's Wish
Desert (Evening)Yamcha Game Level 2 Victory
Desert (Night)Cell Game Level 2 Victory
Janemba HellDragon History Special Saga "Janemba" Cleared
Mt. PaozuShenron's Wish
Muscle TowerDragon History Dragon Ball Saga "Decisive Battle in Holy Place" Cleared
Penguin VillageRed Shenron's Wish

Super duper amazing owning spirit bomb​

First, go to ultimate training, second, pick goku (mid), third, pick another random character, fourth, fight randomly, fifth, make goku (mid) do "give me energy!" 3 times, sixth, do spirit bomb and you will take off all of health!

Survival mode​

Complete 30 missions in 100 mission mode.
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