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  1. F

    Dragonball Z Budokai 3 (NTSC)

    (M) (Datel) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8D8946 BCBA08CE Slow Motion (Jay007) DEB58EB2 FBA99B83 DEB58EBA FBA99B83 Player 1 - Infinite FusionTime (Jay007) DEB579DE 006C81D6 Player 2 - Infinite Fusion Time (Jay007) DEB558FE 006C81D6
  2. F

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

    Background Music Effect How to unlock I Give You A Romantic Dragon History Cleared Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Full) Dragon World Tour, Cell Game, Difficulty 2 Victory Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Short) Dragon World Tour, World Tournament, Difficulty 2 Victory Super Suvivor...
  3. F

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

    Adept Tournament Successfully complete the Novice World Tournament to unlock the Adept Tournament. Advanced Tournament Successfully complete the Adept Tournament to unlock the Advanced Tournament. Android 16 Defeat Android 16 with Cell to unlock him. Android 17 Defeat Android 17 with Piccolo...
  4. F

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

    1,000,000 Zenni In the Android Saga in story mode right before you go to the Cell Games you will be playing as Hercule. Go to the Mountain road. After you land there you will see Yamcha. Talk to him and he will tell you about his tournament. He is level 228. So you better have brought your...
  5. F

    Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

    Alternate costumes When fighting in training or duel modes, you can change your character's costume by pressing B so that you will turn to the question mark. Then, press A to choose a character. They will have different costumes. For example, Piccolo will look like Nail and Gohan will fight...
  6. F

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 [RDSE70]

    Infinite Health/Ki/Blast Stocks/Max Power (P1) [hawkeye2777] C205C704 00000010 9421FFF0 91610008 3D600001 616B86A0 3DC00009 61CE27C0 7D851850 7D806050 916C0000 916C000C 91CC0014 916C001C 916C00A4 916C00B0 91CC00B8 916C00C0 916C0148 916C0154 91CC015C 916C0164 916C01EC 916C01F8 91CC0200...
  7. F

    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 [RDBE70]

    9,999,999 Zeni [James0x57] 42000000 90000000 048D563C 0098967F E0000000 80008000 Item Shop Codes (Buy Items) Ability Type List has xx Slots Open [James0x57] 42000000 92000000 04A0E9F0 000000xx E0000000 80008000 There are 9C Ability Type items Support Type List has xx Slots Open...
  8. F

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

    Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome Play through "The Namek Saga" at any level to unlock Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome.
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