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Diddy Kong Racing

Released: 1997

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[Nintendo seal of quality]
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[pages 3-4 contain information on how to operate the control stick and which
hand configuration to use. Use the 'Right position' to play Diddy Kong Racing.]
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[see above]
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Diddy Kong sat on the porch of his tree house and curiously tore open the
letter. It wasn't often that a message arrived from so far away that it had to
be brought in by carrier pigeon! Eager to find out what it contained, he tugged
out the note impatiently and started to read.
"Dear Diddy," it began. "Help!!!"
Now this sounds promising, he thought. Things had been all too quiet since those
old family friends the Tigers had arrived to spend their summer.
And as it turned out, the message was from his old friend Timber, son of the
Kongs' guests, the Tigers. The young Tiger had found himself in quite a bit of
trouble that, for once, wasn't even his fault. After Diddy Kong carefully read
the note through a couple more times, he sat back and gnawed on a finger, his
gaze fixed somewhere beyond the early morning jungle mist.
He'd been asked to help, so his intention to zip off as soon as possible could
not be in doubt. The question that preoccupied him now was whether or not he
should draft some extra help, just in case... after all, this Wizpig sounded
like a pretty mean foe.
Finally, he decided that his friends Banjo and Conker would still enjoy an
adventure, even if it turned out that their services weren't needed. So, the ape
dug out a pencil stub from the mess of his bedroom and hopped back into his
seat. Whistling for Squawks - his own makeshift carrier pigeon - he began to
scribble out a couple of messages of his own.
A few hours later, Diddy Kong was on the first leg of his journey, tearing off
at high speed through the jungle. A pair of Kremling spies lurking behind a
boulder watched him with suspicion.
"Hey - where you think he go?" asked Krunch.
His crony frowned. "Why?" he asked.
"What if he go fetch others? Fight Kremlings?"
The second Kremling thought about this and then realised what Krunch was about
to suggest.
"No way. I not go," he said, and turned and bolted into the undergrowth.
Krunch rolled his eyes. "Hopeless," he snorted. "I go after him," he bellowed to
his cowardly colleague. "You go tell boss - see what he think of that, huh?"
And with that, Krunch lumbred off through the trees, grumpily swatting aside
vines as he went.
Page 6

Meanwhile, Timber was trying to calm the excitable Pipsy so that he could
understand at least part of what she was saying.
"He said he'd help us!" she squealed, making Bumper and Tiptup wince as the
pitch of her voice soared in and out of audible range. "He said he wanted to
find a champion to go after that horrible pig once and for all!"
"Slow down, Pipsy," Timber urged, trying to make sense of her words without
upsetting her. After all, this whole business had been harder on the little
mouse than any of them. Wizpig's unwanted intrusion left her family homeless.
"Who are you talking about?" Bumper asked curiously.
"Taj! The Genie!" Pipsy babbled. "He said he'd help! Really, Bumper, he did! I
just saw him!"
Tiptup blinked. "The G-Genie? B-but nobody's seen him for f-fifty years," he
"I know! I know! But I just did, I promise!"
Timber frowned, thinking his way through. "That means he must have been kicked
out of the mountain too," he reasoned. "After all, we've seen what that pig's
spells can do..."
They all thought of the huge, leering Wizpig face that had been carved into the
mountainside overnight. Then they thought of the race courses, the island's
pride and joy, which had been magically sealed off. That made them think of
Drumstick, their friend and the island's champion racer, who had gone to
challenge the intruder to an honorable race and hadn't been seen since. "We
really could do with Taj's help," Pipsy prompted.
"N-no argument there," agreed Tiptup, nodding nervously.
Timber scratched his head. "Well, I guess you're right," he sighed, "especially
if we're going to get this mess sorted before my parents get back."
"Well, if that Genie wants a champion, I say we all get practicing," Bumper
grunted, getting to his feet and snapping down his goggles.
"Good plan," Timber agreed. "Come on, guys - yeah, Tiptup, even you. Help should
be on its way soon, but we can't just sit around waiting - let's get out there
and do what we can!"
And, let's just hope that Diddy Kong doesn't mention any of this to my parents..
Page 7

Correctly insert the Game Pak into the Nintendo 64 Control Deck and move the
Power switch to the ON position. Make sure not to touch the Control Stick at
this time. When the demo begins, press START to display the Start/Options menu.
Press Start again to begin.

Two main modes of play are available when you first start the game. Adventure
and Tracks. Before entering either of these modes, you must select your racer(s)
on the Character Select screen.

Selecting Your Character
Use the Control Stick to highlight your character of choice. Then, press the A
Button once to select and again to confirm at the 'OK?' prompt.
Other racers joining in for a multiplayer game must do so by pressing START on
their own controllers before they will be allowed to select a racer.
Pressing the B Button will move you back a screen or cancel your choice. Once
you've selected your racer(s), you must choose whether to enter the Adventure or
Tracks mode.
Page 8

Selecting Your Game
If only one controller is in place and one character chosen, a menu will offer
the choice of Adventure or Game modes. When more than one player selects a
character, the game will automatically advance to the Tracks mode course
selection screen.

The main Options menu offers a number of important pre-game choices:

This option will default to English but can be toggled through a selection of
different languages by moving the Control Stick left or right. This setting
affects all menus and in-game text.

Toggling this option OFF will turn off the story text that appears in Adventure

Audio Options
Use this option to change the game sound to Stereo, Mono or Headphones mode. The
scroll bars allow you to adjust the relative volume of background music and
sound effects.

Save Options
This option will open a sub-menu accessing Game Pak and N64 Controller Pak
memory. The options available vary depending on the data currently saved. Some
options will not be available until necessary. If Controller 2 also contains a
N64 Controller Pak, you will be able to copy data to it from the N64 Controller
Pak in Controller 1 (Controller Pak 1). When an N64 Controller Pak is not
present, or it cannot accept more data, some options will not be available.
Adventure files saved in Game Pak memory are identified by balloon count and
initials. These can be copied to, and from, any of the three Game Pak save
slots, empty pages available in an N64 Controller Pak inserted in Controller 1
or they can also be erased.
Other Game Pak memory related operations will give access to the fastest times
that are saved in Game Pak memory, allowing you to copy them to Controller Pak 1
or erase them entirely. If you erase Game Pak Bonuses, you will turn off certain
functions that become available for exceptional play.
Page 9

The following Save Options will also become available when a N64 Controller Pak
is present:
* Saved data from other games, indicated by a file cabinet icon and filename,
can be erased.
* Ghosts saved in Controller Pak 1 can be viewed, copied to Controller Pak 2 or
erased. Saving a Ghosts file uses 103 pages of N64 Controller Pak memory.
* Adventure games saved in Controller Pak 1 can be copied to an empty Game Pak
save slot, Controller Pak 2 or erased. Each Adventure saved will use 1 page of
N64 Controller Pak memory.
* Times saved in Controller Pak 1 can be copied to Game Pak memory, Controller
Pak 2 or erased. When Times is copied, 2 pages of N64 Controller Pak memory will
be used.

You can also access the N64 Controller Pak memory menu if you press, and hold,
START while you switch the Power to the ON position, or press RESET. Game data
associated with Diddy Kong Racing will have the filename DKRACING and identify
its type.

Magic Codes
The options given on this screen allow you to enter new codes, bring up a list
of those already activated, or wipe the list completely in order to start fresh.

Select Return or press the B Button while on any menu to return to the previous

Rumble Pak
Diddy Kong Racing is designed for use with the Rumble Pak accessory. The Rumble
Pak will be triggred whenever you hit an obstacle or another racer, accelerate
quickly, brake or of course, when you take a hit from an enemy weapon! Should
you wish to switch between using a Rumble Pak or N64 Controller Pak, do so only
when prompted by the on-screen instructions.
CAUTION: When switching the Rumble Pak or N64 Controller Pak during game play,
leave the Control Deck ON. Switching the Rumble Pak or N64 Controller Pak at any
time except when prompted may cause the game to malfunction or a loss of your
stored game information.
Page 10

This is the core of the Diddy Kong Racing one-player game, a progressive story
mode which pits you against every challenge that each of the four worlds has to
offer. Make your way up by collecting Golden Balloons. These will break Wizpig's
spell and unlock course doors, allowing you to race for more balloons and
providing access to other areas.
The game's free-roaming, non-linear structure ensures that, while the secrets of
some courses will remain sealed until later in the game, you'll never find
yourself limited to a single track to race on or a single area to explore.
Selecting Adventure mode from the Game Menu presents you with a choice of the
three Game Pak save slots, all of which will be empty initially. When some of
the files contain data, you'll be able to copy the contents from one slot to
another or simply erase them to make way for new games.
Selecting an empty slot starts a new game. After entering your initials (up to
three letters), you'll view a brief intro sequence that explains the cause of
the island's troubles. You will also be introduced to Taj, the mysterious,
carpet-surfing Genie of the mountain, who was so rudely kicked out by the gate-
crashing Wizpig.

The Central Area
This is the heart of the island, the place from which all other zones are
accessed. Starting any gam, new or saved, will place you in the safety of the
central area.
In addition to linking the four main worlds, this area also has features and
services of its own. It offers you the chance to become used to the vehicles'
handling away from the pressure of the races. It is also a seperate explorable
world in itself, and of course it plays host to the evicted Genie...

Talking to Taj
Muttering about the sheer nerve of Wizpig's intrusion, Taj stomps around the
island's central area, waiting. You can attract his attention by bumping into
him, or by driving up and honking at him with a press of the Z Button.
Just in case he's wandered out of view, try moving onto the Summoning Pad
(designed to represent his face) that sits in the centre of the area. Honk your
horn to call him back. The Genie is all to happy to give you what help he can;
you'll need it because different worlds can only be reached in different
vehicles. Outside the tracks, only Taj has the power to transform your default
car into a hovercraft or plane and back again!
Simply select the 'Change Vehicle' option from the menu that appears when you
talk to him, then choose your new mode of transportation. This gives you free
reign to explore every last inch of the central area; there's no limit to the
amount of times Taj will perform this service for you.
However, since he's doing his best to assist you, the Genie will also want to
occasionally test your abilities to make sure that you're not wasting his time.
Don't be surprised if you find yourself faced with a personal challenge when you
visit the central area!

Reaching the Worlds
The four main worlds lie within easy reach of the central area, but you'll have
to start gathering those Golden Balloons before you're allowed into all of them!
If you explore with all three vehicles, you shouldn't have many problems finding
the doorways to Dino Domain, Sherbet Island, Snowflake Mountain and Dragon
Forest. (See the Worlds, beginning on Page 27, for details.) If there's
somewhere else you want to visit at a later stage, well, you'll just have to
figure out your own means of getting there...

The Lobbies
Each of the four main worlds has its own central area beyond the main doors;
these areas are known as Lobbies. Each Lobby has a number of doors leading into
the specific areas of that world, all with different conditions to satisfy
before they will open to you.
Page 13

Racetracks (Stage 1)
Each of these doors bears a balloon icon showing the number of Golden Balloons
you need to have collected before gaining access. If you've already reached that
number then the door will automatically rise as you drive towards it; -
otherwise, it'll remain locked.
The racetracks behind these doors form the heart of each world, and you'll need
to know them like the back of your hand before you're good enough to go after
Wizpig. Your aim on each course is to outdo your fellow racers and finish first,
which will earn you a precious Golden Balloon from Taj. There are other
objectives that might require a different approach, but your primary target is
the Golden Balloon which you need to open another door.
When you win the race and pick up your prize, the symbol on the door changes to
a Golden Balloon.
(As a bonus, after you've won first prize but before you've beaten the boss to
begin the next stage, re-entry will bring up a selection of vehicles that you
can use to race with instead of just that course's default.)
Page 14

Boss Area (Stage 1)
The Boss level within each world is accessed from a door marked by a pair of
hands grabbing the handle. This door opens for the first time when all four
racetracks in that world have been beaten and a balloon from each is collected;
regardless of how many other balloons have been gathered.
Beyond the door lies a one-on-one race challenge with the area's head honcho,
the most powerful representative of that world.
One of the first things that the cunning Wizpig did upon his arrival was to take
control of these poor creatures with his magic. He forced them to guard a piece
of the precious amulet that keeps him locked safely away from anyone who could
spoil his fun. None of the Bosses are evil by nature, and would willingly help
you if they could break the spell that holds them. Instead, the best they can do
is challenge you to a fair race. Winning the race will weaken the grip of
Wizpig's magic.
Stage One's Boss door remains open so that you can take up the challenge again
and again until you finally win. When this happens, the Boss character recovers
from Wizpig's spell long enough to trigger the Silver Coin Challenge. This
places eight coins on each of the four conquered racetracks and gives you the
chance to earn another set of Golden Balloons...
Page 15

Racetracks (Silver Coin Challenge)
When you return to the Lobby after defeating the Boss for the first time, you'll
notice that the Golden Balloon icon on each of the doors has vanished, replaced
by a renumbered balloon. This indicates the new balloon total required before
the door will open.
When you've collected enough to break this reinforced spell, you'll be invited
to take up the Silver Coin Challenge! Re-master each track, collect all eight
coins and finish first to claim your second balloon from that course. Succeed in
this, and not one but two Golden Balloons will appear on the track door to
proclaim your victory to the world!

Boss Area (Stage 2)
After beating the Boss for the first time, the door to the area is stamped with
a scowling Wizpig head to indicate that the second challenge now lies beyond -
no more warm-ups! When all four racetracks have been conquered twice and all
eight Golden Balloons collected, this door will unlock for the second time and
give way to the Boss character's real challenge. Come in first once again and
this time you'll receive two vital rewards: first a piece of the Wizpig amulet,
four of which will eventually open the way to a confrontation with the
intergalactic bully; secondly, activation of that world's high-octane Trophy
mode. You'll also notice that Wizpig's mugshot disappears from the Boss door
when both challenges have been overcome, replaced by an image of Taj to show
that you've reclaimed that world in his name.
Page 16

Trophy Room
Once you've made it through all the races and beaten the Boss of that world
twice, you'll open the Trophy mode. This is your chance to show ultimate mastery
of that world's tracks! Take up the challenge and you'll compete against all
seven racers in a sequential four-stage race for the Gold Trophy of Champions.
Points are awarded in Grand-Prix style between tracks. To claim the greatest
prize, you need to come out with the highest overall total at the end. Missing
out on first place in one race doesn't mean you've failed, as long as you make
up for it on another track.
Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies are awarded, but of course only Gold will prove
your true racing caliber. Only Gold will matter when it comes to finding out the
Trophies' real significance!
There are three places that offer you the chance to check out your trophy count:
the Trophy cabinets in the Lobbies, T.T.'s Status menu, and the billboard on the
central area's beach.
Page 17

Challenge Levels
The only thing that can open the door to the Challenge area is a key that T.T.
has hidden away in one of the four racecourses. You can search for the key in
any mode - you can even abandon the race once you've found it. Picking up the
key immediately qualifies you for entrance to the Challenge level, which is
different in structure in each of the four worlds. The aim here is to beat your
three CPU-controlled adversaries to win a piece of the mysterious T.T. amulet. A
rundown of each Challenge level is as follows:

Fire Mountain (Dino Domain)
The aim here is to hatch three baby dinosaurs before any of your opponents do.
Swoop down to collect your first egg from the centre of the arena, then quickly
return it to your nest. Each of the four nests are clearly marked with a picture
of its corresponding racer.
The hatching process begins when each egg is deposited into the nest by pressing
the Z Button. For a few seconds the egg icon beneath your racer's image at the
top of the screen will flash. At this time only, the egg is vunerable to the
thieving intentions of your rivals! Defend your nest well and the dino will
hatch, leaving you free to scramble for the new egg that appears in the arena

Icicle Pyramid (Snowflake Mountain)
If it's a straightforward all-out battle you're looking for, this course might
be more your style. Race around the frosty corridors of the pyramid, seeking out
your three rivals and letting loose with any power-ups you can find! Everybody
begins the game with eight bananas, losing two for each hit they take; your only
aim is to be the last one left standing...
Page 18

Darkwater Beach (Sherbet Island)
This is the second of the rule-free battle zones, set on the usually tranquil
coast of Sherbet Island. It's not so tranquil now though, as the four of you
thunder around in search of power-ups to blast one another out of the running.
Again, you start with eight bananas each; your goal is to still have some
bananas left when your opponents all run out!

Smokey Castle (Dragon Forest)
Similar in principle to the Fire Mountain challenge, this arena finds you trying
to fill your treasure chest with ten bananas before your adversaries can do the
same. The bananas appear scattered all around the course and they'll
automatically leap from your car into the appropriate chest as you come within a
certain range. However, it shouldn't take you long to realise that you can only
carry two bananas at a time...
Once you've completed all four challenges, what do you do with the completed
T.T. amulet? Well, we're sure you'll find something.

Much like the racetracks, earning entrance to the Challenge area in Adventure
mode opens up a multi-player version of that level in Tracks mode. In this area,
any or all of the CPU can be racers replaced by human players.

Clearly marked with big bold lettersm the Exit door provides you with a way to
the central area. It will never, under any circumstances, be locked, so don't
get claustrophobic!
Page 19

Talking to T.T.
Just as the central area plays home to Taj (while he's barred from his usual
pad), you'll always find T.T. in the Lobby. T.T. is the main overseer of Time
Trial mode and deals with everything in that area, but he can also provide one
or two other handy services. Attract his attention by bumping him or honking
from nearby and he'll stop to chat, bringing up the T.T. menu as follows:

This is a presentation of all the important items you've collected - not just in
the current world, but in the entire game. Starting with the number of Golden
Balloons at the top, the list displays pieces of the Wizpig and T.T. amulets,
and Trophies and Challenge area keys earned or found so far.

Time Trial
Press the Control Stick left and right to toggle this option and change the mode
of the next racecourse you enter. The default setting is Time Trial Off, which
pits you against the other racers in an attempt to win first place and your
prize. Time Trial On places you on the course by yourself with no prizes to
offer but the thrill of beating your own best time. This is represented by your
ghost if you attempt the same track in Time Trial mode more than once. The main
use for this is to familiarise yourself with the track and its hazards,
increasing your chances of mastering it in all other modes afterwards. However,
as Time Trial is T.T.'s own speciality area, you may be able to convince him
that you are a worthwhile challenge and prompt him later to take you on himself!

Save Ghost
This allows you to save your Ghost data to an N64 Controller Pak and it only
appears when there is Ghost data to be saved. If you have not previously
inserted an N64 Controller Pak, you will be prompted to do so.
Page 20

[Game screen from Adventure mode]

After inserting it, press the A Button to cotinue [spelling mistake!]. The
Ghosts Note uses 103 pages of N64 Controller Pak memory and you can save the
best Ghost from six different courses. To delete all of your saved Ghosts,
select Ghosts in Save Options, then choose Delete. To delete an individual
Ghost, choose the View Ghosts option and select the Ghost you want to delete,
then press the A Button to confirm.

This option lets you break off the conversation for now and return to the main
Page 21

Essentially unrelated to the one-player Adventure mode, the Tracks
mode offers the excitement of either a solo race against the clock
(much like the Time Trial mode in the Adventure game) or a multi-player
race between human contenders. Up to four players can take part in the
action simply by pressing START on the Character select screen, then
moving their 1P/2P/3P/4P cursor sign to the racer of their choice.
The Tracks mode course selection screen offers a full list of
available courses encompassing all four racetracks, the Challenge
level, and the Trophy race from each of the four worlds. However, at
the very beginning only the first level from each world will be
available - others have to be earned by opening their doors in Adventure mode.
To select a racecourse, use the Control Stick to highlight your choice.
Available courses are marked with their names and either a Genie or Wizpig
image, depending on whether or not those tracks have been broken open in
Adventure mode. Unavailable tracks also feature Wizpig but have a
question mark in place of their names. Highlighting an unavailable
course will have no effect, but highlight an available track and the
window will fade into a rolling fly-by. Press the A Button to advance
to the course information screen, which features your best lap and race
times and number of balloons collected in the Adventure mode. The next
menu allows you to select from the vehicles available for that course.
In multi-player mode, racers do not have to choose the same vehicle if
more than one is available. When this choice has been confirmed, the
option of a Time Trial is presented unless there is more than one
player waiting to take part, in which case the race starts immediately.
Activating Time Trial leads to only you and, if applicable, your ghost
appearing on the track to vie for lap time. Leaving Time Trial
deselected means that all players, human and CPU-controlled, gather at
the starting line. In multi-player mode the number of other CPU racers on
the track is also adjustable, so you can arrange an intense head-to-head
showdown between you and a friend or get everyone on the track for
all-out action! The race begins after the final 'OK?' prompt which
follows. Pressing the B Button at any stage before this will take you
back a step through the selection process.
Page 22

[Game screen from Tracks mode]
Page 23


(Medium acceleration, medium weight, good handling, medium top speed)
A playful young tiger, Timber has been left in charge of the island while
his parents visit their old friends in Kong Country. Desperate to get
Wizpig out and everything else back to normal before they return,
Timber rallies his friends to join up with Taj's resistance!

(High acceleration, light weight, excellent handling, medium top speed)
Evicted from her mountain home by the wicked Wizpig, Pipsy the mouse
turns to her friends for help and gives them yet another reason to want
the intruder out. She might seem delicate, but take her on in a race and
you'll find that she's a lot tougher than she looks!

Diddy Kong
(Medium acceleration, medium weight, good handling, medium top speed)
Regarded as a hero after all his adventures in Kong country, the young
primate is a long-time friend of Timber and doesn't think twice
about responding to his call for help. With his family tending to their
guests, he even manages to sneak off without their interference.
Page 24

(Low acceleration, heavy weight, good handling, high top speed)
Even before the start of his future partnership with Kazooie, Banjo isn't
one to turn down the chance of an adventure. So when Squawks brings
the message from his pal Diddy Kong, the Honey Bear stuffs a few things
into his trusty backpack and takes to his heels.

(Medium acceleration, medium weight, good handling, medium top speed)
Another friend made by Diddy Kong on one of his endless adventures
with Donkey Kong, Conker is also an exploration nut who'll jump at any
chance to break free of a squirrel's less than exciting daily routine. He's
eager to join up with Banjo as the bear passes through.

(Medium acceleration, medium weight, good handling, medium top speed)
Unlike most of his kind, Bumper the badger prefers speed and thrills to a quiet
nocturnal lifestyle. He gets even more worked up than his friends when he
realises how much racing and excitement will be involved in the crusade
to get rid of Wizpig...
Page 25

(High acceleration, light weight, excellent handling, medium top speed)
Tiptup the turtle is another member of the close group of animals, but because
of his nervous (and maybe even slightly clumsy) nature, he's never been
particularly fond of the racing that the other seem to like so much. Now,
though, he doesn't seem to have much choice!

(Low acceleration, heavy weight, difficult handling, high top speed)
Seeing Diddy Kong rush off so suddenly makes the Kremlings very
suspicious, so Krunch goes bounding after him to make sure that there
aren't any anti-Kremling plots in the works. Diddy Kong, Timber and
company don't exactly trust him, but Krunch insists he's only there to
lend a hand...

The most experienced racer on the island, Drumstick was the animals' best hope
for getting rid of the intruder. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone
wrong and he hasn't been seen since he went of to make a stand. Could he have
fallen afoul of one of Wizpig's spells?
Page 26

Evicted from his mountain home and cut off from his lamp, this ancient Genie
isn't exactly pleased with the dispicable Wizpig. Now, he's in search of a
champion racer to go up against the uninvited guest and hopefully teach him a
lesson in manners.

Like Taj, the overseer of the racetracks is less than impressed at Wizpig's
behaviour, but in T.T.'s case, it's because the bully has sealed off his
beloved courses. He can't do much on his own, but he's certainly willing
to give the animals any help he can in their mission

The big bad bully himself, a spiteful space traveller who hops from planet to
planet looking for good places to drop in and cause havoc until there's nothing
left to amuse him. Nobody's ever managed to kick him out before he got bored,
but there has to be a first time...
Page 27


Dino Domain
Truly a land before time. A world where plodding herbivores and screeching
pterodactyls live in peace under a moody rust-coloured sky, oblivious to the
cars and planes that come roaring through. This place has its dangers, but
doesn't everywhere? In this world you'll race among such varied surroundings as
the tranquil valley of Ancient Lake, the bubbling lava caverns of Hot Top
Volcano, the barren twilight mystery of Fossil Canyon and the remains of a long
-forgotten civilisation at Jungle Falls.

Snowflake Mountain
The permanently frozen slopes of Snowflake Mountain are pretty
inhospitable at most times, but when it comes to testing your
racing prowess, they're the place to be. Frosty tunnels, towering ice slabs
and vast snowfields all combine to form some grueling courses.
Here you'll get the chance to hit top speed on the glacier at Everfrost Peak,
loop the loop in the caves of Walrus Cove, skid between tumbling ice boulders in
Snowball Valley and Cruise through the starlit mist at Frosty Village.
Page 28

Sherbet Island
The idea of a tropical paradise is realised on Sherbet Island, where there's
barely a soul to be seen and the sunny silence is totally relaxing. Once the
home to smugglers and pirates, it's long since been abandoned to the parrots,
palm trees and rolling blue waves.
Some surprisingly varied racetracks have been created here, ranging from the
thundering falls of Whale Bay and the sandbank-studded shallows of Pirate
Lagoon, to the sandy coastal tunnels of Crescent Island and the deserted
smugglers' lair now known as Treasure Caves.

Dragon Forest
An old-fashioned, almost medival area where chivalry still lives, heroes
roam in search of kidnapped maidens, and the last thing you'd expect to
see is a team of modern vehicles bursting neck-and-neck from
the undergrowth and zipping around the front of the local castle!
In Dragon Forest you'll get to surf the log-ridden flow of Boulder Canyon,
cruise the bustling streets of Greenwood Village, breeze through the wide open
spaces of Windmill Plains and watch your back deep in the Haunted Woods...
Page 29-30
[precautions and warranty of Game Pak]
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mod menu's, software to modify apps etc.
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