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  1. F

    Antz Racing

    Level passwords Enter these into the code entry screen. Effect Password Level 02 TKMGK Level 03 KRDKP Level 04 LRDKQ Level 05 XKMGN Level 06 LSGHQ Level 07 MSGHR Level 08 SQLJT Level 09 PSGHT Level 10 VQLJC
  2. F

    Ford Racing 3

    Color Glitch This Glitch Is Easy To Do. Just Go To The FORD COMPETITION part and choose a challenge. Then BEFORE you pick your car, press X and it will change the Color! This Glitch works no matter if you beat the game or just started a game. Note: it will not show color till you begin the race.
  3. F

    Antz Extreme Racing

    AztecaSuccessfully complete Z's challenges.
  4. F

    ATV Quad Power Racing 2

    Backflip without going off jumpDo a wheelie. Preload while doing the wheelie and release Powerup. You will do a backflip without going off a jump.
  5. F

    Ducati World Racing Challenge (USA)

    [h=3]Ducati World Racing Challenge (USA)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 [M] Must Be Last 245EECA9 Max Cash E7699B4F05F5E0FF D0AB681E05F5E0FF E7699B7F05F5E0FF Tasks Complete 810E89C2E06ED041 E0705041 All Licenses CED8049AE070D041 40705041 All Bikes 86CC09C50000FFFF All Tracks...
  6. F

    Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing (USA)

    [h=3]Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing (USA)[/HEADING] 250 Pts Session 1 A10353C8000000FA
  7. F

    Speed Devils Online Racing (USA)

    [h=3]Speed Devils Online Racing (USA)[/HEADING] Infinite Nitro This code will also allow you to have nitro on a non-nitro server. If you use the nitro on a non-nitro server you will be booted immediately. 58E76CAF0000000F Plenty Of Cash This code will give you infinite cash when playing...
  8. F

    Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (USA)

    [h=3]Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (USA)[/HEADING] Max Faries 3041657400000063 Max Speed Coins cf0be6cb0000001e Start On Last Lap a10311fc00000002
  9. F

    SnoCross Championship Racing (PAL)

    [h=3]SnoCross Championship Racing (PAL)[/HEADING] Lots Of Money DE98B249 0000270F
  10. F

    Sno Cross Championship Racing (USA)

    [h=3]Sno Cross Championship Racing (USA)[/HEADING] 9999 Race Points 76A5E2950000270F Infinite Cash CECB166F000F423F
  11. F

    Power Jet Racing 2001 (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Power Jet Racing 2001 (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 [M] Must Be Last 245EECA9 Always Place 1st P1 1D35AAA400000000 BCFFEEB200000000 8B8C5C0500000000 Infinite Time 773293890000139D Start On Lap 2 EE8E4AF1C0705041 EE884AF100000001 Enable Duck 231C414500000001...
  12. F

    ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

    16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen) [Ralf] C203924C 00000002 C14D99D4 EDAD5024 D1AB00B0 00000000 Unlock Everything [Ralf] 040A9718 3BA0027E Unlock All Riders [Ralf] 040A9728 60000000 Unlock All Vehicles [Ralf] 040A974C 60000000 Unlock All Tracks [Ralf] 040A9770 60000000 Unlock All Challenges...
  13. F

    ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 (GCN/AR/PAL)

    (m) [Ralf] HUG3-GTK6-ACX5U 8X5K-FPQC-UFVTT 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen) [Ralf] 9E96-PVEZ-T1CNW VZ2D-CY4V-R31WC ZGCC-1GXQ-JM5Z2 CBJG-7DVA-H35FX QBBT-WFJU-6MHPM WDGW-PD8C-B6Q2K Unlock Everything [Ralf] CFDK-Q7UZ-85YX3 2882-XHXZ-8DHFP Unlock All Riders [Ralf] X7QM-6UYK-Q20NT UJ1Z-7BX1-Q4RNM...
  14. C

    Ryo Hazuki in Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing

    saw this video thought you guys might be interested posted on YouTube by SegaEurope Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: Ryo Returns! - YouTube If you think this is fake check out SoA's official page SEGA Games
  15. C

    Ryo Hazuki in Sega All-Star Racing

    Ryo Hazuki in Sega All-Star Racing no bullshit :lol: FORKLIFT SUMMON SPECIAL MOVE! >> UK RESISTANCE
  16. C

    Interact Concept 4 Racing Wheel

    I picked up this racing wheel and pedals for DC at a local thrift store, all for the amazing price of only $1. The only thing about it is that Interact designed this peripheral to plug in with an electric power adapter to activate the rumble feature. The thrift store did not know where the power...
  17. C

    Diddy Kong Racing Dreamcast Clone

    Are there any Diddy Kong Racing, a Nintendo 64 game, clones for the Dreamcast? These are the only three I know of. Disney Magical Racing Tour Wacky Racing Looney Tunes: Space Race Are these ones any good at all, which one is the best? Are there any more? Thank you.
  18. C

    DC Thrustmaster Ferrari Wheel & racing setups

    404 Not Found Recently came across this old site that showcases some elaborate DC racing setups (courtesy of F355 Challenge euthusiasts). It also contains quite a few pictures of the DC Thrustmaster Wheel from Ferrari; pretty cool as there are not that many pictures online.
  19. C

    Racing Games With Real AI

    I am making a list of racing games that have real AI and a list of ones that don't. Real AI ------- 4x4 Evolution (I think its real) Fake AI ------- Hydro Thunder 4 Wheel Thunder Re-Volt Thank you.
  20. C

    Mag Force Racing, Does anyone else rate it v highly?

    So I just popped this back in my Dreamcast again last night for the first time in over 2 years and it brought all my memories flooding back! Such a great little racing game and when it came out it was not a full price title... I got it for about £5 brand new! For those of you who don't know...
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