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Demon's Crest

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Demon's Crest

Instruction Manual

Capcom Super Nintendo


{Page 2: A Special Message from Capcom, Page 3: Table of Contents, Page 4:
Safety Precautions; such nonsense not included}

[Page 5]_____________________________________________________

Getting Started

1. Insert the Demon's Crest Game Pak into your Super Nintendo Entertainment
System and turn the power on.

2. Press the START button to bring up the title screen, or watch the opening
scenes to find out about Firebrand's plight in the demon realm.

3. The title screen will show you the following choices: START, CONTINUE
and OPTIONS. Press the control pad left or right to highlight the option
you would like and then press the START button. (For an explanation of
CONTINUE and OPTIONS, please see the corresponding sections in this

4. To begin playing the game, choose START and press the START button.

5. To end the game at any time, simply turn your Super Nintendo
Entertainment System off and remove your Game Pak.

[Page 6]_______________________________________________________

A Legend of Two Realms

Many, many years ago it was a time of fantasy and intrigue. Legends passed
from generation to generation. People loved to spin takes of great warriors
rising up against the tyrannical forces of those who ruled.

One such legend spoke of a world that was once divided into two different
lands. The two realms existed in harmony: one ruled by humans, the other
ruled by demons. There was rarely conflict between the two realms until one
fateful day.

Six magical stones fell from the sky into the demon's realm. Inscribed on
the stones were the Crests of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Time and Heaven.
These crests, when united, would grant unimaginable power.

Soon the demons began to fight over these magical crests. The demon realm
erupted into civil war. The land was in turmoil over the stones until
finally one red demon emerged with five stones by defeating the others. This
demon was known as Firebrand.

Firebrand was not satisfied that possessing the Crests of Fire, Earth, Air,
Water and Time would end the

[Page 7]_______________________________________________________

A Legend of Two Realms, cont.

war. He then challenged the Demon Dragon for the Crest of Heaven. After a
long and desperate battle, Firebrand slayed the Dragon and gained the final
Crest. But the price of victory was high. Firebrand was critically

Firebrand also did not realize that while he was obtaining the Crests, his
success only moved him closer to failure. The jealous demon Phalanx secretly
trailed Firebrand and waited for just the right moment.

"I have defeated the Red Demon!" Phalanx cried. "I shall reign supreme!
With the power of the Crest, both the demon world and the human world are

Firebrand vowed revenge on Phalanx. Phalanx was clever, though. He
separated the crests in case someone did rise up to challenge the power
he possessed.

And now someone has risen to the challenge. The legend of Firebrand is about
to unfold in the search of the Demon's Crest!

[Page 8]_______________________________________________________


The red demon awakens to excude revenge on Phalanx and recover the stones of
the Demon's Crest! It's up to you to guide Firebrand through the demon
realm to locate the stones and gain spells, potions, talismans and coins.

Fire/Crest Power  Potion/Spell
                                          |   |
    Vitality --    | **********          (*) (*) (*) | -- Talisman
                   | *******                         |
                   |                                 |
                   |    {Game Status bar}            |
Review the following areas for more on how to control Firebrand in his many

Controlling Firebrand (default settings)

Move Firebrand left/right                             Press control
                                                      pad left/right

Make Firebrand jump                                   Press the
                                                      B button

[Page 9]________________________________________________________

Firebrand, cont.

Make Firebrand hover                                  Jump, then press B
in the air                                            button

Make Firebrand fly                                    Hover, then press
                                                      control pad left/right

Grab hold of wall                                     Jump up to wall
or platform

Use Firebrand's weapon                                Press the Y button

Use weapon while flying                               Fly, then press Y

Use spell or potion                                   Press the X button

Use Item Screen/                                      Press START button
Pause Game

[Page 10]____________________________________________________

Firebrand, cont.

(Only when using Crest of Fire)

Head butt                                             Press the A button

Head butt in air                                      Press the B button,
                                                      then press the A button

[Page 11]_________________________________________________
Firebrand, cont.

Using Crest of Fire weapons

Firebrand begins his quest with a portion of the Crest of Fire, but must find
four other weapons to complete the crest. Each weapon of the Fire Crest has
a different function but all are activated by pressing the B button. Here is
a description of the weapons.

Fire - Firebrand's normal fire weapon has long range but little effectiveness
against enemies.

Buster - The buster has the same range but much more power. Allows Firebrand
to blast through stone blocks.

Tornado - Use the tornado to reach higher areas. Only two tornados may
appear at a time.

Claw - The claw will grab onto walls with spikes. Shoot the claw at the
spikes, and Firebrand then can grab onto the claw and climb up the dangerous

Demon Fire - This is the most powerful fire in the realm!

[Page 12]______________________________________________________

Firebrand, cont.

Powers of the Crest

Find the stones that make up the Demon's Crest and Firebrand can morph into
another form. Not only is it important to find the stones to save the Demon
Realm, but there are many abilities and special powers granted by each stone.
Here is a description of each stone and its powers:

Crest of Earth-
Morphs Firebrand into the Ground Gargoyle, who has great speed and the
strength to break stone statues.

Controlling Ground Gargoyle

Break stone statues                                   Press A button

Use great speed                                       Press control pad
                                                      forward + A button

Fire weapon along ground                              Press Y button

Fire weapon straight                                  B button, then Y button

[Page 13]___________________________________________________

Firebrand, cont.

Crest of Air -
Firebrand becomes the Aerial Gargoyle and can soar much higher in the air.
Weapon is very powerful disc. Aerial Gargoyle cannot grab hold of walls
or platforms.

Controlling Aerial Gargoyle

Hover                                                 Jump, then press B

Fly upward                                            Press and hold A button

Crest of Water =
Allows Firebrand to survive in the water as the Tidal Gargoyle.  When morphed
into any other form, Firebrand cannot survive underwater.  The Tidal Gargoyle
allows him to breathe and search the depths.  His tidal weapon can break some
stone blocks that are submerged.

Controlling Tidal Gargoyle

Swim                                                  Press B button

[Page 14]_____________________________________________________

Firebrand, cont.

Crest of Time -
Slows time down and allows Firebrand to become the Legendary Gargoyle.  It
decreases the amount of damage inflicted by enemies.  Also, Firebrand's skin
shall become like iron to help reduce damage.  Overall, the Legendary
Gargoyle reduces the damage by one-half.

Flying Across the Realm/Map Select

Once the Firebrand reaches the end of an area or uses a special potion, he
will fly high into the sky and the viewpoint will switch from the side to
right behind Firebrand.  This allows him to choose a new area in the realm
to explore.  Here is an outline of how to control Firebrand as he flies
across the realm.

[Page 15]____________________________________________________

Firebrand, cont.

Make Firebrand fly around                             Press control pad
                                                      in any direction

Cause Firebrand to swoop                              Press the Y button
in near the ground

Choose a new area to explore                          Fly above area and
                                                      press the Y button

See an overhead map                                   Stop moving, then
                                                      press START button

[Page 16]________________________________________________________

Using the Item Screen

The key to success for Firebrand is to use his powers to their ultimate
abilities. Thus frequent changes in power are necessary. Follow these
steps to change powers, select a potion or spell, or change the talisman
you are using:

1. Press the START button to bring up the Item Screen.

2. Use the control pad to move the wand to the item you want to use.

3. Press the Y button to select the item.

4. A tone will ring, then press START to have Firebrand use the item.

In order to buy a spell or potion, you must first locate an urn or vellum
in the realm. These items will hold the spell or potion you have purchased.

[Page 17]___________________________________________________

Using the Item Screen, cont.

{I hope my descriptions (in place of pix) help...}

{Transparent crystal globe, holding small flame}
Restores all vitality

{Scroll sheet}

{Oval gold piece}
Worth 1 G.P.

{Round silver piece}
Worth 5 G.P.


{Red crystal globe held in skeleton hands}
Adds 1 unit of vitality

{Transparent crystal globe, holding large flame}
Restores some vitality

{Round gold piece}
Worth 20 G.P.

[Page 18]_____________________________________________________

Trio the Pago's Gaming Shops

Throughout the realm, Trio has set up gaming shops for demons. As you enter
the gaming shops, you see many torches burning brightly above Trio. If you
pay Trio his fee, you may earn more G.P. by head-butting a certain number of
skulls that appear and quickly disappear throughout the holes in the wall
within Trio's shop. Depending on the skill required, Trio will ask for a
larger fee, but you may earn more G.P. or other prizes if you are successful.

The Black Lotus, Wise Man and Talisman Shops

These shops allow you to fill your velliums or urns. The Black Lotus shop
is run by Phorapa, who sells potions to fill your urns. The Wise Man shop
is run by Morack and offers spells for your vellums. The Talisman Shop is
run by Malwous. While you find talismans in the realm, Malwous will identify
the talismans and tell you what they do for you.

To use these shops, move the wand to the item you want to purchase and press
the Y button. The shop owners will ask you if you want to purchase the item,
so choose the response you want and press the START button. The item will
then appear on your Item Screen if you have enough G.P.

[Page 19]_____________________________________________________


Somulo Hippogriff

Belth Arma Scula

Continue with Passwords

Should Firebrand run out of vitality, and no potions are selected to
continue, a GAME OVER message will appear. You then have 3 options:

1. RETRY-Press START to continue where you left off.

2. SELECT A STAGE-Allow Firebrand to fly across the realm and choose a new
area to explore.

3. END-Choose this to end the current game and continue later. A password
will appear so copy it down.

To continue later, choose CONTINUE from the title screen.

[Page 20]________________________________________________________

Continue with Passwords

1. Use the control pad to move the wand from slot to slot and input your

2. Press the B button or Y button to change a letter.

3. Move the wand to END and press START when you have entered your password.

4. Move the wand to EXIT and press START at any time to leave the password

If the password you entered is incorrect, an error message will appear.
Choose RETRY and make the necessary changes.

When the 3 options appear after the GAME OVER message, and you choose END the
game will show the current password and then return to the title screen. If
you immediately restart the game without turning off your system, the current
password will automatically appear in the password entry screen.

[Page 21]_______________________________________________________


In the Option Mode, you may adjust the configuration of the control buttons
and change the sound mode. Press the control pad up or down to move the wand
from KEY CONFIG to SOUND MODE. You can change the buttons for Firebrand's
ATTACK, JUMP, MAGIC and MENU. Also, adjust the sound mode from STEREO to
MONORAIL (Mono) based on the capabilities of your T.V.


{Page 22: Demon's Notes, Page 23: Warranty}
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