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    Demon's Crest Instruction Manual

    Demon's Crest {} = transcription notes _____________________________________________________ SNS-3Z-USA Demon's Crest Instruction Manual Capcom...
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    Demons Crest Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Passwords GDBF YLFV HZJS ZHCS Stage 1 HDDM NTKB HQLF XKLD Stage 2 VWNP XSQX CGBH BPJP Stage 3 DKHH UMBH CSWN KMMQ Stage 4 YZHF MMXK VJDR GMWQ Stage 5 PBGX RVNG KGKX WRZB Stage 6 FDQP QRMB FGNH GTKL Play as the Ultimate Gargoyle For there to be no enemies except for...
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    Demons Crest Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Demons Crest DB67-C703 First enemy takes longer to kill D467-C703 First enemy take less time to kill EE3A-1DAF More flash time C92A-44A7 Invincible after hit 6927-CDA7 1 hit and you die
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