Battle Plan for SEGA. Pull yourselves out of the abyss.

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I just posted this on the Sega of America Message board

Dear Sega,

Many of your fans feel disenfranchised. They feel the need to vent their frustrations through mediums like these message boards. Instead of berating you on your companies numerous shortcomings I would like to give you a battle plan that can help you build up the Sega Empire once again and restore important consumer confidence in your company.

1. The Pachinko Machines are making you hemorrhage cash. Downsize them until you balance your budget.

2. Listen to your fans. They have enthusiasm. They have emotions. They personalize themselves with your company and wish it to succeed. Heed their call and remember your roots.

3. Take control of your products. Do not allow yourself or any other company to ship a title (with the SEGA logo on it) unless itâ?Ts perfect. We need Fun, replay value, Graphics, and performance.

4. STOP ALL NEW SONIC GAMES FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS. This is in caps not to yell or be obnoxious but to make a point. You have ravaged your wonderful blue mascot. He is tired, he is wallowing in mediocrity. Give him a rest.

5. Its time for a new public relation campaign. Most confidence in SEGA from people over the age of 15 is completely decimated. You need to reach out to them with an open hand. Do not ignore them.

6. FIRE Simon Jeffery. Anyone who calls his own customers fanatics should be forced to resign.

7. Titles which you should concentrate on - Shenmue 3, Jet Grind Radio 3, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe (Like God of War not like the one you created that scored 4/10), After Burner, Cannon Spike (This time with an actual story line), Comix Zone, Eternal Champions,
Out Trigger, Power Stone 3, Propeller Arena (RELEASE THIS), Skies
of Arcadia 2, Toe Jam & Earl, Beyond Oasis 2, Blue Stinger 2,

8. Merge with SNK-Playmore. Acquire the Samurai Showdown / Metal Slug franchise immediately.

Hope this helps. Maybe someone there will read this.
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