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    Battle Plan for SEGA. Pull yourselves out of the abyss.

    I just posted this on the Sega of America Message board Dear Sega, Many of your fans feel disenfranchised. They feel the need to vent their frustrations through mediums like these message boards. Instead of berating you on your companies numerous shortcomings I would like to give you a...
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    New Saints Row game: THQ ceases DLC plan in favour of full sequel

    'The Next Great Sequel' due 2013; Enter The Dominatrix plans shelved. Publisher THQ has ceased plans to release a DLC package for Saints Row the Third, instead opting to enhance the content as a standalone game due for release in 2013. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories id...
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    Dead Space 3 on Wii U: 'Not currently in the plan'

    Visceral dismisses Nintendo's new console... for now. Visceral Games and publisher EA currently have no plans to release a Wii U version of Dead Space 3. Click here to read the full article More...
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