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    From The Abyss (Nintendo DS)

    Completion bonuses Once you have completed the game you will see an intermission sequence, and after that, the credits. You will be prompted to save the game. After saving, you will return to the title screen. Load your cleared saved game. Go into the shop for a new ring which adds + 15 to every...
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    Abyss Odyssey

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock Assassin of Kings Defeat Verbum Dei. Dance with the Devil Defeat Paganini, the Demon Violinist. Dream Catcher Capture a level 10 enemy. Dream Hunter Capture a level 25 enemy. Dream Master Capture a level 40 enemy. Lion...
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    Battle Plan for SEGA. Pull yourselves out of the abyss.

    I just posted this on the Sega of America Message board Dear Sega, Many of your fans feel disenfranchised. They feel the need to vent their frustrations through mediums like these message boards. Instead of berating you on your companies numerous shortcomings I would like to give you a...
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    Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

    Solution for Safe CodeThe numbers listed on the clue indicate the direction and the number of clicks to move for the correction Safe Code. The 1st number is R5 - Move the dial right to 5. The 2nd number is L3 - 5 + 3 = 8 - Move the dial right to 8. The 3rd number is R8 - 8 - 8 = 0 - Move...
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    Additional trailers Select the "More" option on the "Special Features" screen. Select the "Trailers" option. The next screen features various trailers for The Abyss. Press Up at the trailers to highlight the movie poster for Aliens. Press Enter to view a trailer from that movie. Press Down...
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