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Alternate Items After Killing an Enemy​

You can gain alternate items after defeating enemies by killing htme different ways. IF you kill them with Fire Magic for example, you can get Flame Grass. IF you had killed it with Ice, then you would have gotten Ice Grass. This can help you if you are in need of money and need a certain elemental weapon like Ice Brand. You can't afford it, but you know that a certain enemy carries swords. So you kill it with ice, and you will receive the weapon element you wanted. This works for all elements.

If you kill an enemy with no elemental weapons or magic, and just use a non-elemental weapon, or magic, then you will receive a non-elemental weapon or items in return.

Ex Game​

Once you clear the game once, hit reset at the ending screen, and you'll notice a new option on the title screen, ''Ex Game''. Using EX game you can keep your levels, items, and gold.

Formations for Bahamut Lagoon. For example. If you place an entire Formation of Heavy Armor's, then you will be able to move less spaces on the battlefield. To speed them up, add in one Light Armor unit, or more.

If you place a Formation full of Sorcerers, or Wizards, then you're overall magic for casting long range directly from the battle field will be greater.

Also, if you have 2 Mini-Devils in you're group, their rate of success for Dance is greater.

The alternative to making your own Formations, is just select Auto-Formation. But, with your own Formations you can create a much more deadly Party, or a very bad party.

Music Test​

Hold the L & R buttons and press RESET to bring up the music test screen.
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