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1 Disclaimer
2 PAR Codes
3 Legal stuff
4 Thanks

1 Disclaimer
I'm not responsible for what happens if any use the codes
and cause damage to your game of course if used the way describe
here nothing bad happens.

2 PAR Codes
*All the items are now for the Dejap patch
*Add 1 digit to the second slot item,and 1 more for the quantity.
*Corrected the Item codes(No more misplaced items,I hope).
*The game manages 1 space memory for 1 item and is quantity,so the reason for
put to much of a kind is that(you can't have an item that don't belong to that
place in the other item space).
*Look to the item codes and don't bother anymore okay,also a lot of people use
the zsnes search engine and use the item code right away(myself),well in this
game this don't work like this,"EVERY ITEM HAVE THEIR RESPECTIVE SPACE AND
*Turn off the money code for battle.
*Turn off the death code,when the enemy attack you.
*I have 32 party members and 7 dragons, tats all?
*The offset 1B=Prinzeugen says Ultimate Rapier,but the icon is a spear???
*The code to change the Dragon works(only in Salamando),but only change the
dragon picture,changes back to normal when you feed Salamando.

-Money code:

7e8016 7f=Inf money
7e8017 96=Inf money
7e8018 98=Inf money

-Death code:

7e6825 00=0 Hp enemy 1
7e6826 00=0 Hp enemy 1

7e6925 00=0 Hp enemy 2
7e6926 00=0 Hp enemy 2

7e6a25 00=0 Hp enemy 3
7e6a26 00=0 Hp enemy 3

-Character codes:

7e2765 7f=Anastacia exp
7e2766 96=Anastacia exp
7e2767 98=Anastacia exp

7e23a5 7f=Barclay exp
7e23a6 96=Barclay exp
7e23a7 98=Barclay exp

7e22a5 7f=Bikkebakke exp
7e22a6 96=Bikkebakke exp
7e22a7 98=Bikkebakke exp

7e2125 7f=Byuu exp
7e2126 96=Byuu exp
7e2127 98=Byuu exp

7e2725 7f=Diana exp
7e2726 96=Diana exp
7e2727 98=Diana exp

7e23e5 7f=Donfan exp
7e23e6 96=Donfan exp
7e23e7 98=Donfan exp

7e27e5 7f=Ectarina exp
7e27e6 96=Ectarina exp
7e27e7 98=Ectarina exp

7e25e5 7f=Frederica exp
7e25e6 96=Frederica exp
7e25e7 98=Frederica exp

7e24a5 7f=Frenze exp
7e24a6 96=Frenze exp
7e24a7 98=Frenze exp

7e2365 7f=Gunso exp
7e2366 96=Gunso exp
7e2367 98=Gunso exp

7e26e5 7f=Jeanne exp
7e26e6 96=Jeanne exp
7e26e7 98=Jeanne exp

7e2665 7f=Joy exp
7e2666 96=Joy exp
7e2667 98=Joy exp

7e2565 7f=Lukia exp
7e2566 96=Lukia exp
7e2567 98=Lukia exp

7e28a5 7f=Manyo exp
7e28a6 96=Manyo exp
7e28a7 97=Manyo exp

7e21e5 7f=Matelite exp
7e21e6 96=Matelite exp
7e21e7 98=Matelite exp

7e25a5 7f=Melodia exp
7e25a6 96=Melodia exp
7e25a7 98=Melodia exp

7e26a5 7f=Mist exp
7e26a6 96=Mist exp
7e26a7 98=Mist exp

7e2865 7f=Monyo exp
7e2866 96=Monyo exp
7e2867 98=Monyo exp

7e28e5 7f=Munyo exp
7e28e6 96=Munyo exp
7e28e7 98=Munyo exp

7e2625 7f=Nelbo exp
7e2626 96=Nelbo exp
7e2627 98=Nelbo exp

7e21a5 7f=Palpaleos exp
7e21a6 96=Palpaleos exp
7e21a7 98=Palpaleos exp

7e2465 7f=Reeve exp
7e2466 96=Reeve exp
7e2467 98=Reeve exp

7e2265 7f=Rush exp
7e2266 96=Rush exp
7e2267 98=Rush exp

7e2525 7f=Sajin exp
7e2526 96=Sajin exp
7e2527 98=Sajin exp

7e2225 7f=Sendak exp
7e2226 96=Sendak exp
7e2227 98=Sendak exp

7e2325 7f=Taicho exp
7e2326 96=Taciho exp
7e2327 98=Taicho exp

7e22e5 7f=Truce exp
7e22e6 96=Truce exp
7e22e7 98=Truce exp

7e2825 7f=Wagahai exp
7e2826 96=Wahagai exp
7e2827 98=Wagahai exp

7e2165 7f=Yoyo exp
7e2166 96=Yoyo exp
7e2167 98=Yoyo exp

7e24e5 7f=Zeroshin exp
7e24e6 96=Zeroshin exp
7e24e7 98=Zeroshin exp

7e27a5 7f=Zora exp
7e27a6 96=Zora exp
7e27a7 98=Zora exp

7e2425 7f=Zora's son exp
7e2426 96=Zora's son exp
7e2427 98=Zora's son exp

-Dragon codes:

7e2965 7f=Icedrake exp
7e2966 96=Icedrake exp
7e2967 98=Icedrake exp

7e29e5 7f=Molten exp
7e29e6 96=Molten exp
7e29e7 98=Molten exp

7e2a65 7f=Munimuni exp
7e2a66 96=Munimuni exp
7e2a67 98=Munimuni exp

7e2aa5 7f=Puppy dragon exp
7e2aa6 96=Puppy dragon exp
7e2aa7 98=Puppy dragon exp
7ef9c0 7f=Puppy dragon exp (Use this code)
7ef9c1 96=Puppy dragon exp (Use this code)
7ef9c2 98=Puppy dragon exp (Use this code)

7e29a5 7f=Thunderh exp
7e29a6 96=Thunderh exp
7e29a7 98=Thunderh exp

7e2a25 7f=Twinhead exp
7e2a26 96=Twinhead exp
7e2a27 98=Twinhead exp

7e2925 7f=Salmando exp
7e2926 96=Salmando exp
7e2927 98=Salmando exp

7e2904 XX=Change the number and your dragon change to other form.

*Don't use this code:
1.- Use this code to have the Porno Mag in the 1st Slot:
7e3ad2 6c=Porno Mag
7e3ad3 63=99 item.

-PAR ITEM codes:


*The game manages the item in the respective place example:
7e3ad2 01=Space for the Long Sword in the game
7e3ad3 63=Number of Long Swords you can have in the game,

-You can't have a Long Sword in any other place,or else the game try to put
the item in order(find the correct bit) and screw your game(this is the reason
to the repeat item bug),if you don't believe me use the above code.

-Don't use this code anymore:
7e3ad2 XX=Change digit from the table,so you can have any item in the game.
7e3ad3 63=99 Item
7e3ad4 XX=Digit change 2nd slot
7e3ad5 63=99 Item slot 2

Digits:              Description                    Item code      quantity
01=Long Sword                                         7e3ad2 XX  7e3ad3 XX
02=Ice  Brand        Water-Elemental Sword            7e3ad4 XX  7e3ad5 XX
03=Spark Blade       Thunder-Elemtal Sword            7e3ad6 XX  7e3ad7 XX
04=Flame Tongue      Fire-Elemetal Sword              7e3ad8 XX  7e3ad9 XX
05=Bastard Sword                                      7e3ada XX  7e3adb XX
06=Apocalypse        Poisonous Sword                  7e3adc XX  7e3add XX
07=Excalibur         Holy-affinity Sword              7e3ade XX  7e3adf XX
08=Scharnhorst                                        7e3ae0 XX  7e3ae1 XX
09=Gneisenau                                          7e3ae2 XX  7e3ae3 XX
0A=Dreadnaught       Ultimate Sword                   7e3ae4 XX  7e3ae5 XX
0B=Battle Axe                                         7e3ae6 XX  7e3ae7 XX
0C=Burning Axe       Fire-Elemetal Axe                7e3ae8 XX  7e3ae9 XX
0D=Crescent                                           7e3aea XX  7e3aeb XX
0E=Grand Slam        Earth-Elemental Axe              7e3aec XX  7e3aed XX
0F=Nulnim            Holy-Affinity Axe                7e3aee XX  7e3aef XX
10=Mega Buster                                        7e3af0 XX  7e3af1 XX
11=Destroyer         Death-Affinity Axe               7e3af2 XX  7e3af3 XX
12=Iron Duke         Holy-Affinity Axe                7e3af4 XX  7e3af5 XX
13=Matelite Axe                                       7e3af6 XX  7e3af7 XX
14=Rapier                                             7e3af8 XX  7e3af9 XX
15=Siren             Sleep-Affinity Rapier            7e3afa XX  7e3afb XX
16=Cassandra         Poisonous Rapier                 7e3afc XX  7e3afd XX
17=Guardian                                           7e3afe XX  7e3aff XX
18=Sigrun            Death-Affinity Rapier            7e3b00 XX  7e3b01 XX
19=Etandahl          100% Hit-Rate rapier             7e3b02 XX  7e3b03 XX
1A=Vampinella        Hp Draining Rapier               7e3b04 XX  7e3b05 XX
1B=Prinzeugen        Ultimate Rapier                  7e3b06 XX  7e3b07 XX
1C=Halberd                                            7e3b08 XX  7e3b09 XX
1D=Coquetos          Water-Elemental Spear            7e3b0a XX  7e3b0b XX
1E=Executer          Death-Affinity Spear             7e3b0c XX  7e3b0d XX
1F=Harpoon                                            7e3b0e XX  7e3b0f XX
20=Auschwitz         Fire-Elemetal Spear              7e3b10 XX  7e3b11 XX
21=Brunhag           Thunder-Elemetal Spear           7e3b12 XX  7e3b13 XX
22=Longinus          Holy-Affinity Spear              7e3b14 XX  7e3b15 XX
23=Invincible        Ultimate Spear                   7e3b16 XX  7e3b17 XX
24=Rod                                                7e3b18 XX  7e3b19 XX
25=Fire Rod          Fire-Elemental Staff             7e3b1a XX  7e3b1b XX
26=Freeze Rod        Water-Elemetal Staff             7e3b1c XX  7e3b1d XX
27=Thunder Rod       Thunder-Elemental Staff          7e3b1e XX  7e3b1f XX
28=Drug Rod          Recovery Staff                   7e3b20 XX  7e3b21 XX
29=Master Rod                                         7e3b22 XX  7e3b23 XX
2A=Assault                                            7e3b24 XX  7e3b25 XX
2B=Crusader                                           7e3b26 XX  7e3b27 XX
2C=Empress Kahna                                      7e3b28 XX  7e3b29 XX
2D=Cutlass                                            7e3b2a XX  7e3b2b XX
2E=Calamitias        Poisonous Katana                 7e3b2c XX  7e3b2d XX
2F=Delta Dagger                                       7e3b2e XX  7e3b2f XX
30=Kugel Blitz       Thunder-Elemetal Katana          7e3b30 XX  7e3b31 XX
31=Dillinger                                          7e3b32 XX  7e3b33 XX
32=Plate Mail                                         7e3b34 XX  7e3b35 XX
33=Ice Armor         Water-Elemental Heavy Armor      7e3b36 XX  7e3b37 XX
34=Diamond Armor     Thunder-Elemental Heavy Armor    7e3b38 XX  7e3b39 XX
35=Flame Mail        Fire-Elemental Heavy Armor       7e3b3a XX  7e3b3b XX
36=Maximilian                                         7e3b3c XX  7e3b3d XX
37=Black Burn        Anti-Poison Heavy Armor          7e3b3e XX  7e3b3f XX
38=Stealth Armor     Anti-Rabbit/Poison Heavy Armor   7e3b40 XX  7e3b41 XX
39=Vegas Armor                                        7e3b42 XX  7e3b43 XX
3A=Armada Mail                                        7e3b44 XX  7e3b45 XX
3B=Chobham Armor     Anti-Status Change Heavy Armor   7e3b46 XX  7e3b47 XX
3C=Reconquista       Anti-Status Change Heavy Armor   7e3b48 XX  7e3b49 XX
3D=Pax Kahna      Fire/Thunder-Elemental Heavy Armor  7e3b4a XX  7e3b4b XX
3E=Matelite Armor                                     7e3b4c XX  7e3b4d XX
3f=Black Prince      Fire-Elemental Heavy Armor       7e3b4e XX  7e3b4f XX
40=Imperator         Thunder-Elemental Heavy Armor    7e3b50 XX  7e3b51 XX
41=Leather Armor                                      7e3b52 XX  7e3b53 XX
42=Ice Jacket        Water-Elemental Light Armor      7e3b54 XX  7e3b55 XX
43=Flame Vest        Fire-Elemental Light Armor       7e3b56 XX  7e3b57 XX
44=Diamond Jacket    Thunder-Elemental Light Armor    7e3b58 XX  7e3b59 XX
45=Brigadine                                          7e3b5a XX  7e3b5b XX
46=Sleipner       Anti-Rabbit/Poi/Death Light Armor   7e3b5c XX  7e3b5d XX
47=Battle Dress   Anti-Rabit/Sleep/Poison Light Armor 7e3b5e XX  7e3b5f XX
48=Mach Vest      Anti-Poi/Petrify/death Light Armor  7e3b60 XX  7e3b61 XX
49=Martial Nay    Anti-Status Change Light Armor      7e3b62 XX  7e3b63 XX
4A=Powered Suit                                       7e3b64 XX  7e3b65 XX
4B=Energy Suit     Absorbs all Elemental Attacks      7e3b66 XX  7e3b67 XX
4C=Silk Robe                                          7e3b68 XX  7e3b69 XX
4d=Gaia Robe         Earth-Elemental Robe             7e3b6a XX  7e3b6b XX
4e=Burning           Fire-Elemental Robe              7e3b6c XX  7e3b6d XX
4f=Nimbus Robe                                        7e3b6e XX  7e3b6f XX  
50=Aurora            Water-Elemental Robe             7e3b70 XX  7e3b71 XX
51=Thundara          Thunder-Elemental Robe           7e3b72 XX  7e3b73 XX
52=Dark Force    Anti-Poison/Sleep/Petrify Robe       7e3b74 XX  7e3b75 XX
53=Kaiser Rin    Anti-Poison/Sleep/Petrify/Death Robe 7e3b76 XX  7e3b77 XX
54=Royal Gown        Anti-Rabbit/Sleep/Petrify Robe   7e3b78 XX  7e3b79 XX
55=Drug              Restores 100 Hp Single Ally      7e3b7a XX  7e3b7b XX
56=High Drug         Restores 1000 Hp Single Ally     7e3b7c XX  7e3b7d XX
57=Royal Drug        Restores 1000 Hp all Allies      7e3b7e XX  7e3b7f XX
58=Magic Gin         Restores 50 Mp-Single Ally       7e3b80 XX  7e3b81 XX
59=High Magic Gin    Restores 500 Mp-Single Ally      7e3b82 XX  7e3b83 XX
5a=Elixer        Restores All Hp and Mp-Single Ally   7e3b84 XX  7e3b85 XX
5b=Litancible        Revive-Single Ally               7e3b86 XX  7e3b87 XX
5c=Litancible Sp     Revives-All Allies               7e3b88 XX  7e3b89 XX
5d=Heal          Cures Status aliments- Single Ally   7e3b8a XX  7e3b8b XX
5e=Heal Sp       Cures Status aliments -All Allies    7e3b8c XX  7e3b8d XX
5f=Flame Grass       Fire Magic - All Enemies         7e3b8e XX  7e3b8f XX
60=Ice Grass         Water Magic - All Enemies        7e3b90 XX  7e3b91 XX
61=Thunder Grass     Thunder Magic - All Enemies      7e3b92 XX  7e3b93 XX
62=Poison Grass      Poison Magic -All Enemies        7e3b94 XX  7e3b95 XX
63=Life Grass        Heal Magic - All Allies          7e3b96 XX  7e3b97 XX
64=Earth Grass       Earth Magic - All Enemies        7e3b98 XX  7e3b99 XX
65=Holy Grass        Holy Magic - All Enemies         7e3b9a XX  7e3b9b XX
66=Dark Grass        Dark Magic - All Enemies         7e3b9c XX  7e3b9d XX
67=Ship's Log        ???                              7e3b9e XX  7e3b9f XX
68=Prodigy Notebook  Sleep Magic - Single Enemy       7e3ba0 XX  7e3ba1 XX
69=Difficult Book    Sleep Magic - Single Enemy       7e3ba2 XX  7e3ba3 XX
6a=Genius Notebook   Sleep Magic - All Enemies        7e3ba4 XX  7e3ba5 XX
6b=Strategy Book     Sleep Magic - All Enemies        7e3ba6 XX  7e3ba7 XX
6c=Porno Mag         Sleep Magic - All Enemies        7e3ba8 XX  7e3ba9 XX
6d=XXX Porno Mag     Sleep Magic - All Enemies        7e3baa XX  7e3bab XX
6e=Poem Diary        Heal Effect - Single Ally        7e3bac XX  7e3bad XX
6f=Sweet Wine        Fire Magic -All Enemies          7e3bae XX  7e3baf XX
70=Handmade Cookie   Heal Effect -Single Ally         7e3bb0 XX  7e3bb1 XX
71=Drawer Thing      Cure Status -Single Ally         7e3bb2 XX  7e3bb3 XX
72=Sweet Honey       Heal Effect -Single Ally         7e3bb4 XX  7e3bb5 XX
73=Sweet Memory      Heal Effect -Single Ally         7e3bb6 XX  7e3bb7 XX
74=Super Vodka       Fire Magic -All Enemies          7e3bb8 XX  7e3bb9 XX
75=Bitter Memory     Damage -Single Enemy             7e3bba XX  7e3bbb XX
76=Botched Cookie    Death Magic-Single Enemy         7e3bbc XX  7e3bbd XX
77=Dragon Dung       Dark Magic -All Enemies          7e3bbe XX  7e3bbf XX
78=Bitter Wine       Fire Magic -All Enemies          7e3bc0 XX  7e3bc1 XX
79=Poison Mushroom   Poison Magic -All Enemies        7e3bc2 XX  7e3bc3 XX
7A=Gross Mushroom    Poison Magic -All Enemies        7e3bc4 XX  7e3bc5 XX
7B=Rotten Mushroom   Poison Magic -All Enemies        7e3bc6 XX  7e3bc7 XX
7C=Uniuji            Dark Magic -All Enemies          7e3bc8 XX  7e3bc9 XX
7D=Princess's        Revive Magic -All Allies         7e3bca XX  7e3bcb XX
7E=Gunso's???        ???                              7e3bcc XX  7e3bcd XX
7F=Letter            ???                              7e3bce XX  7e3bcf XX
Bahamut Lagoon is property of Square
This PAR Code guide is (c) IVAN FERREL

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Illusions Translation for their attempt to translate the game
Myself for making the PAR codes IVAN FERREL
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