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    Mario Golf: World Tour

    Courses These are the courses you can unlock to play in quick round mode. Course How to unlock Bowser's Castle Collect 35 Star Coins in Challenge Mode. Cheep Cheep Lagoon Collect 21 Star Coins in Challenge Mode. DK Jungle Collect 28 Star Coins in Challenge Mode. Mountain Course Get...
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    Bahamut Lagoon

    Alternate Items After Killing an EnemyYou can gain alternate items after defeating enemies by killing htme different ways. IF you kill them with Fire Magic for example, you can get Flame Grass. IF you had killed it with Ice, then you would have gotten Ice Grass. This can help you if you are...
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    Bahamut Lagoon Pro Action Replay Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    ------------------------------- PAR CODE GUIDE Bahamut Lagoon SNES ------------------------------- VERSION 3 BY IVAN FERREL 12/06/2002 [email protected] -------- Contents -------- 1 Disclaimer 2 PAR Codes 3...
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    Lagoon Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Fighting the bird The bird in Lagoon is easier to defeat if you know one thing about the way the game works. When your character is jumping, he is invincible. You can attack while you're jumping. The way to fight the bird is to stand in a place where the bird would come by at regular...
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    Lagoon Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    D42D-6D6C Start with 612 gold D92D-6D6C Start with 1,380 gold D62D-6D6C Start with 2,148 gold 4D2D-6D6C Start with 8,292 gold 912D-6D6C Start with 22,116 gold D422-040C Start on level 2, MP= 8/8, HP= 17/17, EXP= 0/40 D722-040C Start on level 3, MP=...
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