Battlefield Bad Company 2 NPUB30583 01.05


Vgcheat Member

Note:if someone using my codes please leave the credit to me !
i see on the another forums someone steal my code and didnt leave any credit to me ! that make me ANGRY

Infinite Health-Player
0 01192D2C 80030014
0 01192D30 2C000001
0 01192D34 40820008
0 01192D38 4E800020
0 01192D3C D0230008
0 01192D40 48354FDE
0 00354FD8 49192D2E
Infinite Ammo Usage
0 003709A8 38800000
No Reload + Infinite Grenades
0 00373310 30840000
0 00373354 30A50000
AoB Infinite Ammo Usage
B 00010000 04000000
B 10802A8C108430861042192A1040128C7C44198E382100404E80002000000000 10802A8C10843086388000001040128C7C44198E382100404E80002000000000
AoB No Reload + Infinite Grenades
B 00010000 04000000
B 3084FFFFFBC100707C03200041810008608300006064000063E30000909F0084 30840000FBC100707C03200041810008608300006064000063E30000909F0084
B 00010000 04000000
B 80A5000030A5FFFF7C0428004181000860A400002C040000909F007C40820048 80A5000030A500007C0428004181000860A400002C040000909F007C40820048
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