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cheat codes for gameboy AND gameboy advance belong in here.

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Hidden Messages:
At the EVIL-DOS emulator, enter one of these words:
Extra Speed in the Mojo Maze
At the EVIL-DOS prompt screen, enter the code
"125CC." The computer will respond, "Even more
mojo." This will allow you to go extra fast in
the Mojo Maze mini-game.
Free Stuff From EVIL-DOS
Go to the EVIL-DOS screen and enter any of the
following phrases to get bonus stuff from the
computer, including screen savers, wallpaper and
extra sounds.

ANOTHER PLAN: Unlock 'Plan 2' sound
BANGERS : Unlock 'Evil & Mini-Me' wallpaper
CHRISTMAS : Unlock 'Flowers and Evil' screen saver
DOCTOR : Unlock 'Evil Dr' sound
DRIVING : Unlock 'Mini-Me Hands' wallpaper
ELVIS : Unlock 'Springer Evil' wallpaper
FOXY : Unlock 'Evil Look' wallpaper
GRACE : Unlock 'Moving Logos' screen saver
HUG : Unlock 'Hug' sound
IVANA YUM : Unlock 'Evil CCTV' wallpaper
MINI LAUGH : Unlock 'Mini-Me Hehe' sound
OIL RING : Unlock 'Mini-Me in Space' wallpaper
STEAM : Unlock 'Teething' wallpaper
STICKUP : Unlock 'Evil Tears' wallpaper
SUPERVISOR : Unlock 'The Boss' sound
SWALLOW : Unlock 'Alpha-Dog' wallpaper
TABLE : Unlock 'Table Problem' sound
TASTY FEMBOT: Unlock 'Evil-Stein' wallpaper
Invinicibility in the Mojo Maze
At the EVIL-DOS prompt screen, enter the code
"INVINCIBLE." The computer will respond, "I've got
all of Austin's Mojo." This will unlock infinite
lives in the Mojo Maze mini-game. You'll still have
to dodge the baddies.
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