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cheat codes for gameboy AND gameboy advance belong in here.

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Free Stuff From FAB-DOS
Typing any of the following phrases at the FAB-DOS
prompt will give you free stuff, including wallpaper,
screen savers and new sounds.

CCTV : Unlock 'Ivana' wallpaper
CHRISTMAS: Unlock 'Flowers & Evil' screen saver
DOG : Unlock 'Swallow's Eye' wallpaper
GET YOU : Unlock 'Evacuation 1' sound
GRACE : Unlock 'Moving logos' screen saver
HANDS : Unlock 'Driving' wallpaper
IDIOT : Unlock 'So who is he?' sound
JUMBO : Unlock 'Evacuation 2' sound
LOOK : Unlock 'Foxy Felicity' wallpaper
MAGPIE : Unlock 'Peeing' sound
NO MOJO : Unlock 'Goo sound'
SPACE : Unlock 'Bust an O-Ring' wallpaper
SPRINGER : Unlock 'Elvis Lives' wallpaper
STEIN : Unlock 'Fembot Vanessa' wallpaper
TEARS : Unlock 'Hands Up!" wallpaper
TEETHING : Unlock 'Austin Steam' wallpaper
TWO OF US: Unlock 'Sausages' wallpaper
Get Faster Mojo in the Maze Mini-Game
At the FAB-DOS Prompt, enter "SPEEDY." FAB-DOS will
reply with "Faster Mojo." When you boot up the Maze
Mini-Game, Austin's speed will be increased.
Invinicibility in the Platform Mini-Game
Boot up FAB-DOS and enter "RAT POISON" at the prompt.
If you do this successfully, FAB-DOS will respond by
saying "Viva Las Vegas, Baby!" Now when you play the
platform mini-game, Austin will be invincible.
Hidden messages:
At the FAB-DOS emulator, enter one of these words:
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