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At the EVIL-DOS emulator, enter one of these words:

Upgrades, Wallpaper, Sounds, Screensavers
press 125CC get Faster in Mojo Maze
press INVINCIBLE Infinite Lives in Mojo Maze
press ANOTHER PLAN unlock 'Plan 2' sound
press BANGERS unlock 'Evil & Mini-Me' screen saver
press CHRISTMAS unlock 'Flowers & Evil' screen saver
press DOCTOR unlock 'Evil Dr' sound
press DRIVING unlock 'Mini-Me Hands' wallpaper
press ELVIS unlock 'Springer Evil' wallpaper
press FOXY unlock 'Evil Look' wallpaper
press GRACE unlock 'Moving Logos' screen saver
press HUG unlock 'Hug' sound
press IVANA YUM unlock 'Evil CCTV' wallpaper
press MINI LAUGH unlock 'Mini-me Hehehe' sound
press OIL RING unlock 'Mini-me in space' wallpaper
press STEAM unlock 'Teething' wallpaper
press STICKUP unlock 'Evil Tears' wallpaper
press SUPERVISOR unlock 'The Boss' sound
press SWALLOW unlock 'Alpha-Dog' wallpaper
press TABLE unlock 'Table Problem' sound
press Tasty FEMBOT unlock 'Evil-Stein' wallpaper
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