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Beat the first boss

To beat the first boss, wait until your power goes to its highest and then stab the dragon in the head. Repeat this process until the dragon is dead avoiding his attacks. Now when the dragon is dead the skeleton riding it will fight you. Move toward him and he will move back when he is all the way back go to him duck and stab him every time right before he hits the ground he should be in the air the whole time an cannot hurt you.
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Tip on fighting the Medusa boss

To beat this boss (boss with the snakes on its head) you have to stab the little red jewel. Every time it disappears, stand on the other side of the screen and face the wall. The boss should come out then you have a chance to duck down and hit the jewel. (Make sure your power is all the way up and then hit it. Then you should be able to let your power go back up and hit it 1 more time.) Hit the lowest snake in the air then jump over the other one and don't get hit by the boss.
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Go to Ceasar with zero energy

At the end of the first level when you are beating the snake boss, if you both kill each other at the same time, he will explode like usual, and you will fall down and get back up again. Now you can go on to Ceasar with zero energy.
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Stage Select

At the Title Screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, B, B, B, Start, for a Stage Select.
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Be invincible

At the Title Screen, press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Start, to be invincible.
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