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    Astyanax game genie codes (for NES)

    Astyanax AUEKGUAP Infinite spell energy SZUGTISA Infinite life energy AZKAVZGO Double life and spell energy PAKEKZAA Start with Blast Spell ZAKEKZAA Start with Bind Spell GPKAXZGA Start with extra weapon power...
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    Astyanax Instruction Manual

    Astyanax NES-YX-USA Jaleco Astyanax(tm) Instruction Manual --- Dreams The girl is beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. But she seems sad... or afraid. She is caught; trapped in some sort of bubble. And there is someone standing by her, someone dark - EVIL...
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    Astyanax Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Beat the first boss To beat the first boss, wait until your power goes to its highest and then stab the dragon in the head. Repeat this process until the dragon is dead avoiding his attacks. Now when the dragon is dead the skeleton riding it will fight you. Move toward him and he will move back...
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