MysticPals | PvE | Anti-Cheat [EU]

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Dive into a unique Palworld experience with our dedicated server! Designed for players who love a balanced and fair gameplay, our server offers:

🛡️ Anti-Cheat System: Enjoy a fair play environment.
👮‍♂️ Active Admins: Constant vigilance against cheating.
🐣 Increased Hatching Time: For those who cherish growth.
🚀 Work Speed x3: Compensate for fewer pals with efficiency.
🏠 Max Bases: 2: Perfect for strategists.
👫 Max Pals in Base: 10: Keep your base lively and efficient.
🛡️ Guild Limit: 2: Foster strong community ties.
🌿 Full PvE Experience: Immerse yourself in rich environments.
Our Vision: Starting with a close-knit group of 12 friends, our community is expanding daily. As our first server matures, we're committed to growth and learning from our players. We promise a non-wipe environment, focusing instead on opening new servers based on community feedback and experiences.

🔗 Join the server:
🔗 Join Us on Discord: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

Embrace the journey with us, where every player's voice shapes the future. Let's build a vibrant and quality-driven Palworld community together!
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