Adam Koralik Sega Dreamcast Chinese VCD MP3 Player Kit Help

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Do you have an extra one your willing to sell ? I bought one from a UK site and they ripped me off and I can't find a site from China with it or one on ebay for a reasonable price. It looks more sturdy than the DC VCD software I have now (mine skips and pops every now and then) plus I would like the remote.

The reason I ask is because I have 500 VCDs and my dvd/vcd player died. I hate watching movies on my computer though. Plus I make my own vcds from 720p avis which when viewed on my tv makes the vcd look like dvdhd type quality.

I just like to wacth vcd on my DC because it's retro and it's cool to put a movie or show on a cheap 700mb cd-r and I can watch dvd quality "discs" (now) on my DC when ironically the PS2 dvd option help hurt DC then but probably nobody watches dvd in their PS2 anymore.

My friends are like "ha damn your watching a movie in a DC and damn it looks dvd quality wtf" LOL.

But I would like to have the kit you showed in your video.
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