Top 10 sega genesis games?

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sonic 2
sonic 3
sonic n knuckles
altered beast
golden axe
aero the acrobat
aero the acobat 2
zero the squirrel
Sonic the Hedgehog - A classic platformer featuring Sonic's high-speed adventures.
Streets of Rage 2 - A legendary beat 'em up game with intense action and co-op play.
Phantasy Star IV - A captivating RPG with a compelling storyline and engaging turn-based combat.
Gunstar Heroes - A run-and-gun shooter known for its frenetic gameplay and creative weapons.
Shining Force II - A tactical RPG with strategic battles and a vast fantasy world to explore.
Castlevania: Bloodlines - An action-packed platformer with stunning visuals and challenging levels.
ToeJam & Earl - A quirky and humorous co-op game about two alien buddies exploring Earth.
Mortal Kombat II - The iconic fighting game with brutal fatalities and memorable characters.
Earthworm Jim - A wacky and humorous platformer starring a super-powered earthworm.
Altered Beast - A classic beat 'em up game with a unique transformation mechanic.
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