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    The First Descendant│Dev Talk│Story Deep Dive

    The First Descendant│Dev Talk│Story Deep Dive View:
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    Gamecube Talk

    Not the console you guys are use to seeing but lately it's been brought up by Bob Dobbs' Here's my Gamecube's I'm looking to buy a broadband adapter for it, and get on to PSO finally! :lol: If anybody has any knowledge of getting online with the Cube post here or PM me. Thanks Barrys_Bapz
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    Dreamcast talk ranks - I noticed 3 are Green Day songs!

    I noticed that 3 ranks on here are Green Day songs. Lol. St.Jimmy, Letterbomb, and Minority. Random, I know. xD
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    Dreamcast Talk, Talked About! Urban Review

    Not so long ago I posted a few comments talking about my Frankenstein that I'm going to build, Well everything has arrived and I thought I should do a review but most of the time they're boring. So even if you're not into the review you can still probably relate to the topics in the show...
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    Let's talk about disc rot on DC discs for a second

    Any of you guys ever heard of disc rot? If not, to make a long story short, people say that due to pressing errors and low quality pressing facilities, a certain % of discs in a batch will have noticeable problems in the data foil area of the disc - and that this has nothing to do with the...
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    Shenmue Saturn + Sega Systems Talk I wonder how much effort and millions Sega pissed away on that ? Less than sonic extreme perhaps but their Dc versions were great, so the Saturn c d r were demos in a way.
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    Dreamcast BBA Talk

    I've been searching off and on for a BBA for the past two years now, on a budget though What is the cheapest way I could get one, or rather where?
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    Watching DC and DC TALK at the same time !

    Cool eh ? Yes, having been away from my DC for a while I decided to treat it. I rigged my iPad and DC up to my projector and had the remote switch from one to the other. I couldn't work out how to have them on at the same time - that would have been ultra cool ! Anyway, I enjoyed this set up and...
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    Can we talk about how awesome Mars Matrix is?

    I picked this game up recently after a long period of consideration, and it's freakin' awesome. It's kicking my ass to hell, but it hurts so good! I can only make it to part way through level 3 on one continue (default lives). It's so addictive though, I can't put it down. Plus the store is...
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    If your consoles could talk, what would they say to you?

    Title says it all. My Dreamcast would say "Man, I hated being in that flea market! Thanks for buying me! Now play some Sonic Adventure. Now." PS1: "YOU BOUGHT A BUNCH OF GAMES FOR ME WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THAT BLOODY SEGA INSTEAD OF ME PLAY ME PLAY ME NOW" Genesis: "Why is Dreamcast getting all...
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    If Sega and Nintendo Could Talk

    Title says it all. It's just a quick PowerPoint animation that I made. I think it ended up pretty well. Not for young people or people that are easily offended. The rest will die laughing. :lol: Thanks for reading, hudsthinking1999 P.S. Remind me if you have any problems with the PP and what...
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    Let's talk about SA1

    I've just decided to make a little topic just dedicated to discussions about Sonic Adventure (and maybe Sonic Adventure 2, but mostly Sonic Adventure). I'll start by saying an uncommon statement. I don't think Big's fishing stages are that bothersome. They're a little frustrating sometimes, but...
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