Can we talk about how awesome Mars Matrix is?

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I picked this game up recently after a long period of consideration, and it's freakin' awesome. It's kicking my ass to hell, but it hurts so good! I can only make it to part way through level 3 on one continue (default lives). It's so addictive though, I can't put it down.

Plus the store is pretty neat. lots of unlockable content. The actual concept behind it is pretty cool and original--that is to say the mosquito attack, and the whole one button does everything thing, as well as the experience and scoring systems (though I'm not really good enough to worry about score at this point, and I tend to use the piercing cannon autofire a lot, because it's a bit tricky to rapid fire the piercing cannon without it)

I really like the kind of industrial techno styled music too, it really adds to how visceral of an experience the game is. This game is probably the most visceral experience of any of the shmups that I've played what with the masses of pink and blue bullets, and the GHB, and the piercing cannon, and especially the sound fx.

I guess a lot of the graphics are kind of lame, especially since they aren't upscaled very well. There's still some nice design though, and some nice art in a few places (I think level 3 stood out to me a lot in that regard)

IDK, any thoughts, I guess? I'm really enjoying this, and just kind of wanted to share. I've had it only like 2-3 weeks, I think. I can't really remember.

[EDIT:] another cool thing is that it's still a Dreamcast exclusive. In a way this is kind of sad, because fewer people have access to it, but hey, at least it's fairly affordable.
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