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    Mario Golf: World Tour

    Courses These are the courses you can unlock to play in quick round mode. Course How to unlock Bowser's Castle Collect 35 Star Coins in Challenge Mode. Cheep Cheep Lagoon Collect 21 Star Coins in Challenge Mode. DK Jungle Collect 28 Star Coins in Challenge Mode. Mountain Course Get...
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    Quick Half Life blast pit question

    Do I really have to kill that tentacled beasty thing in the Blast Pit stage? I've managed to get to the next stage without killing it. But if its going to come back and bite me in the proverbials later on I'll go back and have a go at him :)
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    Quick question

    is the pso saves region free or do they go by region?
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    Quick Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 question.

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if you can transfer your chaos from Sonic Adventure 1 to Sonic Adventure 2? please let me know, thanks!
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    a quick question

    heres a quick question for all of us on this forum ... whats dreamcast game do you play the most for me its ready 2 rumble boxing...
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    Quick Help Please

    I have a PSP 1000. Can anyone help me with a tree to get to 635PRO-B3. My current CFW is 5.50 GEN-D3. I would appreciate it. I'm trying to update to OFW 6.35 but I get the "system is version 9.90" message. If 635PRO-B3 cannot be installed on the PSP 1000. What is the latest CFW that I can use. I...
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    Need a quick answer. Psp 3003 + cfw

    Hi guys. Can anybody tell me if its possible to hack a psp 3003? I need a quick answer because im bidding one on ebay. Its a 3003 with 3.9 m33-3 on it. I want it to play birth by sleep and maybe the new final fantasy when its released. I dont have a pandora battery and dont eeally want extra...
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    I have a quick IR Shell question!!!

    Okay, about two or three weeks ago I was reading something in the fourms section of this site about ir shell 4.8 being able to find its own codes to control a tv. I have had no success with the last few editions of this hack and I would like to find a remote code or hack that can control "VIZIO"...
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    PhotoFast CR-5100 quick questions

    Will this PhotoFast CR-5100 work on ISO games and everything for psp? Do you have to leave it in forever? will 2 16 gb MicroSD work on it? Only formatted for Sony memory cards? what else company can you use?
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    quick brain fart question!

    what do you type in for vsh.txt when your enabling plugins and you have a psp go i for get i think its like es0:/bsdibwefbdiweewnf as opposed to ms0:/ on a regular psp???
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    Need Quick Help. PSP 3004 6.38, want to put PRO-B6

    Hi, This friend of mine came at another friend of mine place and wants a CF. He has a 3004, yet don't know the mobo gen, but I need to know witch tutorial to llok out for. I tried the search button with "PSP 6.38", no results. Can you guys help ? Thanks a lot.
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    A quick question

    can you play games on jailbroken psp go 6.39 B8 ? i downloaded kingdom hearts birth by sleep Two days ago, and tryed to play it but it wont show up in my game section in the psp do i need some kind of game loader? such as prometheus?.
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    Quick Question, need help.

    http://www.amazon.com/Sandisk-Memory-Stick-Adapter-Packaged/dp/B0041SKHR8/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1312400437&sr=1-3 So I'm getting a little sick of my 4 gig mem stick. It hardly holds anything so I've got my eye on a 16 gig memory stick but I don't want to spend money on those...
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