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These are the courses you can unlock to play in quick round mode.

CourseHow to unlock
Bowser's CastleCollect 35 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.
Cheep Cheep LagoonCollect 21 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.
DK JungleCollect 28 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.
Mountain CourseGet 1st place in the Seaside Course Championship in Castle Club.
Seaside CourseGet 1st place in the Forest Course Championship in Castle Club.
Sky Island CourseComplete the One-on One-Putt challenge in Castle Club.
Wiggler ParkGet 14 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.
Yoshi LakeGet 7 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.

Mii Costumes​

CostumeHow to unlock
Daisy CostumeBeat all 10 star coin challenges for the Forest Course.
Fire Mario CostumeSink three holes in one.
Luigi CostumeCollect 50 badges by getting a birdie or better on a normal course.
Wario CostumeBeat all 10 Star coin challenges for the Seaside Course.

Moon Coin challenges​

Collect 90 Star Coins in Challenge mode to unlock the Moon Coin challenges.

Semipro/Pro CPU Difficulty​

By default, you have Novice, Intermediate, and Expert difficulty levels. However, Semipro and Pro difficulty levels are also available. The former is unlocked by collecting 90 Star Coins, and the latter is unlocked by collecting 100 Moon Coins. Keep in mind that Challenges cleared on DLC courses still count towards unlocking these.

Sky Island Course in Quick Round​

To unlock this course to play in Quick Round, complete the 9 hole one-on, one-putt challenge in the Castle Club. This requires you to beat the first 9 holes of the Sky Island course consecutively using only one hit to get onto the green, and only one putt per hole.

Various Characters​

The following characters can be unlocked by completing Challenges in Single Player. In order to unlock them you need to acquire the required amount of star coins by completing the various challenges.

CharacterHow to unlock
Birdo55 Star Coins.
Kamek45 Star Coins.
Paratroopa50 Star Coins.
Toad40 Star Coins.
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