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    What is the best way to get a complete DreamPi kit, w/line inducer and usb modem etc.? Preferrably cheaper as well...
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    Two Dreamcast on one DreamPi

    I am fairly certain the answer is no, but through I would ask anyways. I just purchased a second Dreamcast for the house, and wanted to know if I could have two Dreamcast feed of one DreamPi. I figure I have to get another dell modem, but would the DreamPi direct traffic according if two...
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    Dreampi and Retropi in same box?

    Hello everyone. Recently got my Dreampi up and running and have been enjoying it a lot. Now that the Raspberry Pi has secured a spot in my entertainment center, I was wondering if there was a way to dual boot into Retropi as well? Since its primary focus will always be the Dreampi, I figured...
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    DreamPi Setup Disk for Dreamcast

    Has anyone with the experience thought about making a DreamPi setup disk for the Dreamcast? When you insert the CD and press execute it changes all the Dreamcast network settings to be compatible with the DreamPi and all games? This would then standardise everyones settings. This would make the...
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    We Need To Send Mark From CGR A Dreampi!

    Was recently reading Marks new book Ultra Massive Video Game Console Guide Volume 2 (Which is great) and the dc section was quite in accurate when it comes to facts. Its more of the general idea on how the Dc failed ect (Which is not the case) But the real shocker is what he had to say on the...
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