DreamPi Setup Disk for Dreamcast

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Has anyone with the experience thought about making a DreamPi setup disk for the Dreamcast? When you insert the CD and press execute it changes all the Dreamcast network settings to be compatible with the DreamPi and all games? This would then standardise everyones settings.

This would make the process much simpler and quicker for new users. I consider myself to have a bit of know-how about technology and the Dreamcast but it took me a bit of research, posting on forums and burning numerous CDs in order to be able to play all the games. There is no single browser/disc that can change the settings to be compatible with all games. I originally thought my AFO CD was faulty until I found out that I had to use a copy of Evo 4x4 to alter my network settings.

What is everyone else's thoughts?
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