We Need To Send Mark From CGR A Dreampi!

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Was recently reading Marks new book Ultra Massive Video Game Console Guide Volume 2 (Which is great) and the dc section was quite in accurate when it comes to facts. Its more of the general idea on how the Dc failed ect (Which is not the case) But the real shocker is what he had to say on the online scene
"It was the worlds first game console with a built-in modem. Sadly the internet was not ready for the Dreamcast. The slow dial up speeds prevented any useful multiplayer or interactivity in 2000. It was virtually impossible to play games like Chu Chu Rocket or NFL 2k1 online, and the ill-connived netscape era web browser didnt work much better.Sega gets an A for effort though." I know Mark was the first one reviewing these games where knew on the internet but im shocked how much he bashed it. We need to send him a Dreampi to show the true power of a 56k modem, Pc get on it :D ;)

In all seriousness though i think it be a great idea to help introduce more people online
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