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    Angry Birds Stella

    Various Game Center Achievements Achievement How to unlock A League of Your Own (5 points) Earn 100 Golden Crowns. Album Maker (5 points) Find 30 Photographs. Beach Day (10 points) Complete Episode 2. Beach Day - Score Addict (10 points) Got 5.5M Points in Episode 2. Big Spender...
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    Angry Birds: Seasons

    Big Present levelComplete all levels with a "three star" rank.
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    Angry Birds Star Wars

    Content and UpgradesAs you perform certain actions in the game, you can unlock the corresponding content and upgrades, as indicated below. Green Light Saber - Complete the Path of the Jedi episode Obi-wan Force Upgrade - Complete level 25 of the Death Star Path of the Jedi - Earn a 3-star...
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    Angry Birds Rio

    Golden fruitSearch the boxes marked with tags or stickers as well as large bushes to find golden fruits. Note: Zooming out may help you find fruit hanging or placed out of sight on the standard view.
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    Angry Birds Epic

    Harvest Loot RegularlyYou can harvest loot every day, from nodes that indicate areas you have cleared. Make sure that you do so regularly in order to keep up your momentum, and make sure also that you complete the golden pig mission daily. Make it the first thing you do, since that allows...
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    Angry Birds Cheat Codes for IOS

    Awards and titlesComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award or title. Angry Birds Addict: Play Angry Birds for 30 hours. Angry Birds Fan: Play Angry Birds for 5 hours. Bird Slinger: Shoot 5,000 birds. Block Smasher: Smash 50,000 blocks. Defeat The King: Finish World...
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    Angry Birds Space

    Different types of Angry BirdsBlue Birds A very powerful bird. Bomb Bird This bird uses 'Heat Shock Wave' to blow away everything in space. Ice Bird Another new bird, this one is useful for freezing hidden enemies inside wall blocks. Lazer Bird A very fast bird that can be used to...
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    Angry Birds Star Wars coming to consoles

    October release to feature new levels and modes. Angry Birds Star Wars has been announced for home consoles and handheld systems. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Angry Birds Trilogy

    Various AchievementsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. Achievement How to unlock Aviator for the Seasons Seasons Eagled. Boom Boom! Unlock the Bomb Bird and destroy menu barriers. Completely Classic Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Classic levels...
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    IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey[ULES-01316]

    _C0 Inf missile _L 0x60148AE4 0x00000000 _L 0x00020001 0x00000010 _C0 Inf Little Boy _L 0x60148AE4 0x00369BCD _L 0x00020001 0x0000000C _C0 Automatic rapidfire _L 0x617FE9F4 0x00369BCD _L 0x00020001 0x00000160 ;Credits jjoao
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    Angry Birds [USA][NPUZ-00119] CWCheats

    Angry Birds [PSP-MINI][USA] CWCheats _S NPUZ-00119 _G Angry Birds [USA] _C0 ALL Map Open _L 0xF0A89305 0x1CD07502 _L 0x4FB72142 0x8B8A7E93 _L 0xEDF88F31 0x45AF3723 _L 0x92D36CBA 0x3E0B265A _L 0x2F6DDE94 0x360874DF _L 0x0A3E084B 0x09E80000
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    SOS E3: Rescue us from Angry Birds

    Steve Boxer says E3 needs to excite, we don't want to survive on a gruel-like diet of social and mobile games... With the beginning of June approaching, the E3 Show is looming large. Already it feels like all roads lead to Los Angeles, and this year, the buzz of anticipation is mixed with a...
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    Angry Birds dev sees the bright side of piracy

    "Piracy may not be a bad thing," says Rovio Mobile boss. Piracy isn't all bad if it helps to massively expand your fan base, says the firm behind the phenomenally successful Angry Birds. Click here to read the full article More...
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    KISS Angry Birds is on the cards

    Rock band in discussions with Rovio and Sony, says Gene Simmons. Iconic band KISS could be teaming up with Rovio for a collaborative version of Angry Birds, along with other games. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Angry Birds

    Get the golden egg in World 1-8 In the touch versions of Angry Birds, this golden egg is acquired by tapping the chest in the bottom center of the mountain. This isn't possible on a Mac due to the lack of a touch screen and the mouse cursor not showing up during normal gameplay. Instead...
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