Angry Birds Cheat Codes for IOS

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Awards and titles​

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award or title.

Angry Birds Addict: Play Angry Birds for 30 hours.
Angry Birds Fan: Play Angry Birds for 5 hours.
Bird Slinger: Shoot 5,000 birds.
Block Smasher: Smash 50,000 blocks.
Defeat The King: Finish World 3.
Egg Cracker: Get 10 golden egg stars.
Egg Hunter: Find 10 golden eggs.
Episode 1 - Score Addict: Episode 1: Get 4,000,000 points.
Episode 1 - Total Destruction: Episode 1: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 2 - Score Addict: Episode 2: Get 3,300,000 points.
Episode 2 - Total Destruction: Episode 2: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 3 - Score Addict: Episode 3: Get 4,800,000 points.
Episode 3 - Total Destruction: Episode 3: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 4 - Score Addict: Episode 4: Get 3,900,000 points.
Episode 4 - Total Destruction: Episode 4: Get three stars in all levels.
Green Baron: Finish World 8.
Hardhat Hidalgo: Finish World 9.
Herr Helmet: Finish World 1.
Hovering Helmet: Finish World 6.
Icepicker: Smash 5,000 ice blocks.
Mason Moustache: Finish World 10.
Mounting Moustache: Finish World 7.
Mr. Moustache: FInish World 2.
Pig Popper: Smash 1,000 pigs.
Royal Ringleader: Finish World 11.
Smash Maniac: Smash 500,000 blocks.
Star Collector: Get 750 Stars.
Star Gatherer: Get 1500 Stars.
Stonecutter: Smash 5,000 stone blocks.
The Imposter: Finish World 4.
The Mysterious Escape: Finish World 5.
True Angry Birds Fan: Play Angry Birds for 15 hours.
Woodpecker: Smash 5,000 wooden blocks.

Completion bonus​

Successfully complete the game to unlock all birds and the extras.

Golden Eggs - Hidden Levels​

Complete the conditions to unlock the hidden Golden Egg levels.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Golden Egg Level 1Get 3 stars in every level worlds 4-5
Golden Egg Level 2In the level select screen, tap the sun
Golden Egg Level 3Watch the credits, tap the Golden Egg at the very end
Golden Egg Level 4Within any level, go to the help screen. Tap the egg at the end
Golden Egg Level 5In Level 1-8, tap the unreachable chest
Golden Egg Level 6In Level 2-2, break the beach ball
Golden Egg Level 7In Level 4-7,tap the egg at the very top right of the map (zoom out)
Golden Egg Level 8In Level 5-19, it's hiding on the top right of the left tower
Golden Egg Level 9In Level 6-14, pop the yellow balloon
Golden Egg level 10In level 6-14, pop the yellow balloon in the lower right corner.
Golden Egg level 11On Theme 8's level page, drag your finger right to left to display a golden egg where Theme 9 would normally appear.
Golden Egg level 12Get three stars in all levels in "Danger Above" (Themes 6 through 8)
Golden Egg level 13In level 8-15, break the boxes in the far left corner.
Golden Egg level 14In level 9-14, fire the boomerang bird at the hat on the far right side on the small cliff.
Golden Egg level 15In level 10-3, break the rubber duck in the bottom left side.
Golden Egg level 16Get three stars on all levels in "The Big Setup".

Green bird​

To use the green bird easily, launch it backwards and tap the screen before it leaves your view and it will fly like the other birds.

Hear big red bird​

When you can use the big red bird, take out the slingshot. When the red bird is in the air, tap the screen and it will make a sound.

Sound board​

Get three stars in every level in Worlds 1 through 3.
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