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Different types of Angry Birds​

Blue Birds
A very powerful bird.

Bomb Bird
This bird uses 'Heat Shock Wave' to blow away everything in space.

Ice Bird
Another new bird, this one is useful for freezing hidden enemies inside wall blocks.

Lazer Bird
A very fast bird that can be used to destroy aliens on difficult locations.

Red Bird
A powerful Bird that can be used to open the structures where the pigs are hiding.

Space Eagle Bird
A new bird that you can unlock during gameplay or buy. This bird can be used to make a wormhole of destruction to easily finish a level. Note: you can only use this bird once every hour and you don't receive any points or stars.

Terence Bird
This bird destroys everything on his way like ice walls, stone or wood.

Blue Bird​

The Blue Bird are exactly the same as in the original Angry Birds. They split into three when you launch them by tapping on them while they are in mid-air. The Blue Birds are particularly effective against Ice Structures and setting off chain reactions.

Bomb Bird​

The Bomb Bird (morphed from Black Birds) can be launched anywhere you want and does massive damage using a heat shock wave. When the Bomb Bird has made impact tap the screen to make him explode. Bomb Birds are very effective if all your targets are in close proximity to each other.

Contruction Materials​

Whenever possible aim for wood which has been used at the bottom of large structures as it is the weakest material and along with the planetary gravity can destabilize and bring down the structure when destroyed. Rock is the strongest material followed by ice.

Easy Three-Stars​

Complete a stage by launching as few birds as possible. Doing this will increase the score getting you a three-star rank. Doing as much damage as possible in each stage will also increase your score.

Frozen Pigs​

When they are not within a planetoid's atmosphere Pigs must be in a bubble. If you pop the bubble the pig will freeze and then shatter.

Ice Bird​

The Ice Bird is an extraterrestrial bird that when launched into any Wood or Rock structures will turn them into Ice on impact. The Ice Bird is particularly effective at taking out enemy pigs that are hiding inside a stone walled fort as they not only freeze the wall but anything behind it. A good strategy is to use the Ice Bird with the Blue Bird as the Blue Birds are strong against Ice and can smash anything the Ice Bird freezes.
Lazer (Purple) Bird

The Lazer Bird (morphed from Yellow Birds) is similar to the Kamikaze bird from the original Angry Birds except you can now tap anywhere on the screen to create a purple target which the Lazer Bird will then aim at. They are easily able to turn corners in mid-air after being launched by swiping/touching the screen into the direction you want them to go.

Well I had some confusion with the purple bird before... Then I realized that wherever I tap the screen that where the bird went.. So if you had confusion... Now you don't.

Red Bird​

Although the Red Bird is powerful in this game it does not have any special powers. Use the Red Bird to target the wooden weaker parts of structures that pigs hide behind when you start a level. Doing this will help the planetary gravity destabalise and bring down large structures.

Shooting Backwards​

Birds can also be launched backwards using the slingshot and there will be some situations during the game that require that you aim backwards.

Space Birds​

Atomic Bird (Orange): Inflates, then deflates
Blue Bird(s): split into 3
Bomb Bird: explodes
Green Bird: bigger version of red bird
Ice Bird: Freezes Objects
Purple Bird: zooms to where you touch on the screen
Red Bird: no special abilities
Space Eagle: summoned by launching sardine cans

Space Eagle​

The Space Eagle (morphed from Mighty Eagle) is a special bird that can only be used if you have tokens which you either earn by defeating boss characters or buy through in-app purchases.

More Space Eagle tokens cost:

20 Tokens - $0.99
80 Tokens - $2.99
280 Tokens - $7.99
980 Tokens - $19.99

When you use a token a can of Sardines is launched which will create a wormhole. The Space Eagle will appear from this wormhole and destroy everything in it's path.

Terence Bird​

The Terence Bird (morphed from Big Brother Bird) is a giant green bird with extreme cosmic desctructive power and is effective at smashing wooden, stone and ice walls. When launched in the middle of any structure the Terence Bird will easily topple it over.
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