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    PULSE Elite Wireless Headset X Millennium Parade

    PULSE Elite Wireless Headset X Millennium Parade
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    Introducing the all-new iPad Pro (Audio Descriptions)

    Introducing the all-new iPad Pro (Audio Descriptions)
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    No Audio for Gauntlet Legends

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been here. I finally got my AV cable for my DC yesterday, so it was my first time playing Gauntlet Legends. No audio. What the WTF? That didn't stop me from playing, though. I just put on Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII to listen to while playing. I...
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    Extract and delete Audio from Dreamcast ISO's?

    is it possible? Does anyone fiddle with the any of this and know how? Thanks
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    How to extract and downsample Dreamcast audio?

    Exactly what it says on the tin, I'm interested in downsampling the audio in kimi ga nozomu eien to make it fit on a smaller cd since the audio makes the file too big to be burned onto a regular cd. I've downloaded family guy's gdi to cdi pack to help with the process. I hope you all can help...
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    List of DC Red-Book Audio Games

    Does anyone have a list of Dreamcast games that use Red Book (CD audio) music? Like, all the games that have the tracks as music you can play in a hi-fi?
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    SCART to VGA + Audio adapter

    Does anyone know where I could find a good SCART to VGA adapter that also carries audio? I'm looking so I can get the best picture out of the DC games that won't take VGA and for other retro systems on my CRT.
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    OSSC Roll-Call / Newest Board Has Integrated Audio Output

    Hello, I've been running my OSSC for a while now. I got a pre-built kit and set it up a while back and never got back here to see who else has one and how they like it. For me, it's great because my TV won't properly scale 16:9 and keep the proper aspect ratio without putting up black...
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    Psp lite video audio noise

    Hi, my PSP is making this annoying wurring background noise. Example in this short utube vid: Anyone else get this? Also, can I disable the internal mic? I have a headset which works but does not seem to disable the internal mic I am getting my...
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