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BGM and Voice Tests​

Once you beat the game and view the credits, you can return to the title screen. In the Album accessible from there, you can now go to the "BGM" and "Voices" menus, which allow you to listen to all of the background music and vocals of the game.

Completion bonuses​

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Album" option and New Game+ mode at the main menu. The "Album" option allows you to access the new "BGM" and "Voices" options, which play back the background music and vocals. The "New Game" option will now have a star icon next to it at the main menu. This option allows you to retain all previously earned guild members, Grimoire stones, money, items, item shop unlockables, almanac, and maps from your previous playthrough.

Guild Card Medals​

For reaching certain milestones throughout the game, you will get certain medals appended to your Guild Card. Note that some of these will replace older ones as your achievements become greater.

MedalHow to unlock
Azure RainforestReach B11F in the Labyrinth.
Beginning HunterLog some of the monsters found in the Labyrinth.
Beginning SurveyorComplete one floor map of the Labyrinth.
Cache HoarderOpen up all of the chests in the Labyrinth.
Cache NoviceOpen up some of the chests in the Labyrinth.
Cache SeekerOpen up half of the chests in the Labyrinth.
Claret HollowsReach B26F in the Labyrinth.
Classic Mode CompleteComplet the game in Classic Mode.
Devoted ScavengerLog half of the materials found in the Labyrinth.
Dogged KillerKill many of the shiny "rare" breeds of monster.
Etria's GuideComplete half of the floor maps in the Labyrinth.
Etrian FixerComplete half of the quests from the pub.
Etrian GoferComplete some of the quests from the pub.
Lost ShinjukuReach B21F in the Labyrinth.
Lustre ChaserKill 100 of the shiny "rare" breeds of monster.
Novice ScavengerLog some of the materials found in the Labyrinth.
Primitive JungleReach B6F in the Labyrinth.
Quest CompleteComplete all of the quests from the pub.
Rare Breed KillerKill one of the shiny "rare" breeds of monster.
Sandy BarrensReach B16F in the Labyrinth.
Seven Kings' GrimoiresComplete the ultimate Grimoire Stone.
Story Mode CompleteFinish the game in Story Mode.
Veteran HunterLog half of the monsters found in the Labyrinth.
Yggdrasil Core DestroyedBeat the Yggdrasil Core in the post-game (which is without the Yggdra Virus and Kupala) on Expert.
Yggdrasil's ArtisanComplete all of the floor maps in the Labyrinth.
Yggdrasil's BountyLog all of the materials found in the Labyrinth.
Yggdrasil's HunterLog all of the monsters found in the Labyrinth.

New Game+​

After beating the game and viewing the credits, the "New Game" option at the title screen will have a star appended to its left. This signifies that the New Game+ option has been activated: when you restart the game, you are able to bring along your guild members, Grimoire stones, money, items, item shop unlockables, your almanac, and maps to the new game, each at your discretion.

Raising Level Cap to 99​

There are three guild quests you can undertake to raise the level cap for all your party members by 10 levels each: "The Dread Wyrm" (unlocked after "Call of the Wyvern"), "Awakening of the Serpent" (after "Remnants of an Age Past") and "The Azure Colossus" (after "Proof of Heroism"). Completing all three of these quests will allow your characters to reach the maximum level 99

Sixth Stratum​

Normally during the game, you cannot progress into B26F to B29F of the Labyrinth in Story Mode. Once you beat the game on B30F of the Labyrinth and view the credits, do not opt to start a new game at the title screen. Instead, opt to Continue your game: after leaving the inn, you will be notified that these four extra floors are now open to you. In addition, you will have Kupala back in the guild house and the Yggdrasil Core will not be weakened on B30F when you fight it again by any of the means used the first time. You can access the staircase to B26F on B25F: there, examine the Geomagnetic Pole. Once the Pole disappears, stand where it was, face south, and press A to find the hidden stairs.

Use Item Duplication​

This glitch allows you to duplicate a Use Item as many times as you want, until you are out of room for any more items.

#1. Select a party member that has their Boost Gauge filled.
#2. Open the item menu and select the item you wish to duplicate.
#3. At the second party member, hit B to return command back to the previous party member.
#4. Select Boost from the first party member (the one that used an item).
#5. Press B to toggle Boost off.
#6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you receive the desired amount of items.
#7. Finish the battle as normal. Credit goes to Kai Powell.
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